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... Christmas Inspiration From Peppa Pig and Ru ...

Ru is still 100% Peppa Pig mad and was over the moon when this amazing bundle of gifts arrived just for him.
I didn't tell him what was inside so his face was pretty priceless when he opened it up and saw everything for the first time!

I thought I would share with you incase you too had a Peppa Pig obsessed child and were struggling what to get for Christmas...

This George pig hat and mittens set is super cute and is nice and cosy, just perfect for those winter walks!

RRP £8.99
Available from VMC Accessories

I wasn't sure if Ru would like the Peppa Christmas jumper but as soon as he saw it, he wanted to put it on and has pretty much wanted to wear it every day since!
RRP £13 
Available from Sainsbury’s.
From ages 9 months to 6 years.


Along with the jumper and hat set we were also sent;
·       Peppa Pig School Bus
·       Peppa Pig: The Official Annual 2018
·       Peppa Pig Build a Boat Bath Gift Set
·       Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience DVD
·       Peppa Pig Top Trumps Activity Pack
·       Peppa Pig Alphaphonics Campervan
·       Peppa Pig Space Adventure Case

Peppa Pig Alphaphonics Campervan
RRP £22.99
Available from Argos, Tesco, Amazon, Morrisons and more.
Peppa’s Alphaphonics™ Campervan features fun games to help learn letters and words. 
Select from 8 options – find the missing letter, choose the word that begins with a letter, or repeat what Peppa says.
With light-up keys and melodies, the Alphaphonics Campervan is sure to inspire little ones to learn and have fun.


Peppa Pig School Bus
RRP £27.99
Available at all good toy retailers.
Have fun with Miss Rabbit's free-wheeling School Bus! 
With lots of fun phrases and the Bing Bong song, you'll can sing along. 
Includes an articulated Miss Rabbit figure. 
Also includes 2 x AA demonstration batteries.
 For ages 3 years and over.

 Peppa Space Adventure Case

RRP £10.99
Available from Argos
Ages 3+
Get ready for lift off. 
This Peppa Pig astronaut shaped case includes glow-in-the-dark stickers, a build-your-own rocket and light-up projector torch with 3 discs to project different themed space designs on to your walls. It encourages imaginative play and when you're finished, all the accessories pack away inside the case for tidy away play and fun space adventures on the go. 
Unique Peppa Pig astronaut shaped carry case - perfect for peppa pig fans. 
Includes play accessories to promote imaginative role-play, enjoying space adventures with peppa pig!


Peppa Pig: The Official Annual 2018
RRP £7.99
Available to purchase in most book shops / supermarkets or you can buy online here:The Peppa Pig Official Annual 2018 is a treasure trove of fun for Peppa fans! 
Packed with puzzles, stories, activities and songs, it is the perfect gift for little ones!

Peppa Pig Build a Boat Bath Gift Set
RRP £7.50
Available from the Entertainer, Amazon, Debenhams, Toys R Us and more.
A fun bath gift set containing everything you need for a happy clean child Peppa Pig Fan,
The set contains: Grandpa Pig Boat and bath / shower gel.

Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience DVD
RRP £10.99
Available from and all good DVD retailers.
Peppa Pig splashes from the big screen to the little screen in Peppa Pig My First Cinema Experience on DVD. This unique interactive Peppa experience, now brought to you at home, is perfect for pre-schoolers, so get ready for plenty of snorts, giggles and jumping up and down in muddy puddles!

Peppa Pig Top Trumps Activity Pack
RRP £4.99
Available from Amazon
You'll find 5 great games and exciting activities to explore with this Peppa Pig Top Trumps activity pack. The ideal travel companion, Peppa Pig Top Trumps is packed with fun features to help develop memory, observation, reading and counting skills. 
Games include the memory game Pairs, Take 5, Spot the Difference, an Observation Quiz and a mini version of Top Trumps. Includes instruction card, pencil and 28 playing cards.

Ru's favourite by far was the Peppa pig space adventure case, he takes the torch everywhere with him and we have put up all the Glow in the dark pieces on his wall, and he looks seeing them glow when he's in bed.

He also really likes Grandpa Pigs boat and plays with it every night when he jumps into the bath!
I was pleasantly surprised at how well it floats.
Even Ru has tried to sink it many times but it always pops back up again.

We haven't watched the DVD yet but it's on our to do list as this was something I really wanted to take him to see in the cinema but I just wasn't sure if he was ready.
I have heard amazing things about it and next week when he finishes nursery before lunch we are going to sit down and watch it together.

I like that there is a nice selection of Peppa Pig goodies here, something for everyones price range and from stocking fillers to main presents.

**A massive thank you from Ru to all the lovely License to PR guys, you made him a very happy Chappy!**


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