Friday 21 August 2020

Baby Number Five Is On Its way

Baby number 5 will be joining the mini beast clan in February 2021!!

After all our miscarriages a couple of years ago we decided that would be the end of trying for another little one to join our family, so when we found out that I was pregnant it was a complete shock.

The day I actually took my test was when my best friend texts me to tell me there was a rainbow even though it hadn't been raining, and that was a sign. So I popped to Tesco to grab a test and low and behold it showed a positive result. 

I didn't really believe it at first and continued to take a few more tests over the following week, half expecting my period to come and the tests to come back negative.
Two weeks went by and it was finally starting to sink in, the sickness also made it harder not to believe.

I held off telling anyone other than my best friend and Jon, not even our parents had been told.
I was still waiting to bleed, due to our miscarriages I just didn't expect this pregnancy to go any differently.

By 7 weeks the sickness was not letting me leave the bathroom I finally gave in and told my mum, we were due to be heading down to London to have a post lockdown visit but there was no way I'd be able to make it without being sick in the car.
 My mum and I decided not to tell anyone else just yet, so we just told my dad I was sick, which led him to get all concerned I had caught corona and he started telling me I needed to quarantine myself and the boys.

10 weeks came and I was past the stage of my previous miscarriages and slowly starting to get a little bit excited about being pregnant, my parents came to visit and we finally told my dad who got a little annoyed that mum knew and he didn't.

11 weeks came and we gave in and told the boys as I was still being really sick and they were sure I was dying of corona and wanted me to go to the doctor. Oscars reaction was the best, he came out with '5 children...are you MAD?' 
Noah pipped in with I bet it's going to be annoying and Rupert wanted to know how big it was, what it ate when it would be big and if it could look like his friend Billy from school!

I'm now in my 13th week and I'm still suffering from morning sickness through out the day but my anti-sickness tablets are helping, we've had our first scan and everything is good with the baby. It was lovely seeing the baby jumping around it really put my mind at ease, but it still hasn't stopped the worry of seeing blood every time I go to the toilet. I am hoping that dread will eventually go as the pregnancy progresses.

We're still holding back from buying things, but that doesnt stop us browsing the internet looking at all the beautiful baby items you can buy.

I'm hoping the sickness wears off soon and I can finally start getting my energy levels back.


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