Friday 18 June 2021

Review // Amawrap stretchy wrap

- Free to Roam with the amawrap stretchy wrap -

Ever since I bought my first wrap for Ru I have been in love with babywearing.
I was always gutted I never did it with the others, but since I found out I was Bea I was so excited to be starting another baby-wearing journey.

Recently I was very kindly gifted a 100% cotton stretchy baby wrap from Amawrap in olive green.

About Amawrap

Amawrap is now one of the most respected baby sling companies worldwide. They pride themselves on being there for parents, going as far as to offer one on one video calls if they feel hesitant in their tying abilities!

They are delighted that amawrap's are still Made in the UK, and their manufacturers have been making them for nearly ten years. They have as much passion and love for their wraps as they do!

They also provide slings and training to local hospitals in order to encourage them to use them with their premature babies, a method called “kangaroo care”, and they also provide wraps for charities.

I have used woven, ring slings, half buckle half woven, buckle carries but never a stretchy sling until Bea was born.
Stretchy wraps are worn like wovens but without the added fuss of trying to get the difficult carries right,
something I always struggled with.
The stretchy wraps use one simple method and boom you're ready to go!
 What I love is if you are going on the school run but need to drive first you can put on the wrap on before you leave the house and once parked up at school you can slip the baby in and you're good to go!

 A few shots of me putting on the carrier ...

You can find a full how-to video here 

I love the closeness babywearing brings and how it leaves me hands-free to get on with other things, such as the housework or cooking the boys their dinner or even just getting out in the garden. Bea can be with me at all times, as she is most happy when I'm in her eyesight and she hates to be left in her seat whilst I dash about the house.
It also makes shopping trips much easier, as at the moment I'm not too happy about popping her in those baby trolley seats due to covid just in case they haven't been cleaned properly.

Bea loves the closeness our amawrap brings, it's like an extended hug. 
She feels safe, she can hear my heartbeat and at the moment she is teething, so rather enjoys munching down on the side of the wrap when she's in it.
I love that I can wear it in the car ready for when I need it, or that it rolls up nicely to fit into my changing bag.

The amawrap baby sling is made with100% cotton making it super soft and snuggly.
It can carry from 5lb right up to 33lb!
It provides the optimal positional support for babies knees - always remember to make sure the babe's legs are in that all-important  'M' position.
Made right here in the UK.
It can also be washed in the washing machine at 30 or 40 degrees, depending on how dirty it is, it's best not to tumble dry.
RRP £44.99 with same day free shipping!

Here are some babywearing benefits -
  • Decreases risk of SIDS and flat-head syndrome.
  • Babies carried in slings are calmer and cry less. In most cultures, where babies are held almost constantly, they are typically in a quiet alert state and rarely cry for more than brief periods.
  • It is easy to nurse discreetly when the baby is in a sling as the fabric shields both the baby and the mother from the public view. Nursing in a sling is most successful when both feeding and carrying skills are mastered separately.
  • Travelling is easier when babies are tucked securely into slings.
  • Babies in slings are more receptive to learning and display enhanced visual and auditory alertness.
  • Strengthens the bond between parent and baby, as you maintain a closeness throughout your day, especially during the "4th trimester."
  • Wearing your baby helps them adjust to the outside world
  • Worn babies have the opportunity to learn more

When babywearing it is important to remember the T.IC.K.S rule;
T - tight
I - in view at all times
C - close enough to kiss
K - keep chin off the chest
S- Supported back.

This wrap would make a perfect newborn gift! 
We love ours and I'm currently using it more than my buckle carrier, as I find it doesn't hurt my back as much. Bea also feels more supported in it.
Even if we go out with the pushchair, it is always on hand for when Bea gets fed up with being in the pushchair and would rather be up with me being able to see what's going on all around her. 

amawrap come in a range of colours to choose from and you can find them over on their website, not only do they design beautiful stretchy wraps they have a range of maternity and nursing wear.


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