Thursday 23 September 2021

Five Signs Your Child Needs A Tutor.


It can be hard to know whether your child could use some extra support with their learning, especially as they might not be very communicative about any struggles they’re experiencing. They might worry about disappointing you or feel embarrassed about needing more help, so it’s important to reassure your child that needing a little bit more support is nothing to be ashamed of and that everyone finds things difficult sometimes. To help you identify the signs that your child might need a tutor here’s some guidance on what to look for from a private school in Cardiff


They struggle to concentrate in class or with homework


Many children find it hard to focus at school when there’s a lot of noise and distractions, or at home if they don’t have a quiet place to study. Not being able to engage with their studies might lead children to misbehave when they get bored or frustrated. If you’ve noticed your child finding it difficult to concentrate, tutoring can help as your child will be able to learn in different surroundings with someone helping them one-on-one and giving them the attention they need. 


They’re stuck on a particular subject


If your child is struggling, chances are they’re finding a particular subject difficult, perhaps because it doesn’t suit their learning style and the way they understand and retain the information; for example, maths can be a tricky subject for children who find it hard to follow logic. In this case, a tutor can help them focus on a certain subject, overcome any blocks they have around the topic, and work through their difficulties with one-on-one teaching. Their tutor will be able to explain concepts in various different ways until they find a method they understand, which teachers in the classroom often don’t have time to do. 


They’re excelling in a certain subject


Conversely, your child might be thriving in a particular subject and they may have developed a deep interest in it which they want to explore further. A tutor can help them hone their strengths and nurture their passion for the topic, and having this extra support will ensure they can concentrate on the subject away from any distractions at school. 


You find it hard to help them with homework


You might find that your child’s homework is difficult even for you and that your child has questions that you can’t answer for them. In this case, a tutor will help answer those questions and plug the gap so that your child gets the most out of their learning. 


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