Monday 11 July 2022

How to Boost Your Child’s Imagination

Children with a healthy imagination grow up to see the world with a vivid approach and tend to become creative problem solvers. When your child picks up a block and pretends to be on the phone, this is a great visual of development. 

Here are some ways to boost your child's imagination every day.

The best and easiest method is to read to your child. Encourage them to build an affinity to books as it can lead to a lifelong skill that helps them throughout their life. 

Reading can spark the imagination of a child. You can help this further progress by allowing them to ask questions, making up their own endings, and even going on to writing their own stories later on. If reading at home is difficult, take them to your local library. You’ll see an instant fascination by them looking at the rows of books with a guarantee that your child will leave with at least one book in their hand.

Playing is also an easy way to boost your child’s imagination. A private school in Buckingham shows that play is a great way for children to bond as well as parents and children alike. With schedules being tight, it can be difficult to find time to play with your child, so use your imagination too. 

Play water games with them at bath time or make play games whilst waiting in a traffic jam. Incorporate educational games in there too. The options are endless. 

Create art. Children melt at the sight of a table full of glitter, glue, and different materials. Do art sessions with your child and allow it to get messy. Decide on a broad topic and allow your child to get experimental. 

Once they’re done, ask them to describe what’s on their canvas. A smudge of different paint colours to you, maybe a rainforest full of animals to them. Allow them to see further than just a smudge on a piece of paper. This will help them thrive creatively.

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