Saturday 29 October 2022

Supporting your child with their communication skills

Most children have the ability to respond to others when they are communicated with. As a parent, it is important to understand the different developmental stages your child will go through and the things they will need along the way to support their growth in communication. Adults communicate with young ones to show their love and support and to help develop their self-esteem and confidence. 

Supporting their social and emotional development with love is important above all. Both infants and toddlers need help from loved ones to learn how to talk and communicate their feelings. 

Here is some advice from a private nursery in Southgate on supporting your child with their communication skills. 

Respond to their movements, noises and looks. When infants don't know how to communicate with the right words, they will communicate in different ways using their facial expressions, gestures, sounds, and body movements. 

An example of this is when your child wants to be picked up, they usually will come up to you with their arms up. Once you have embraced them and given them a cuddle, they will usually gaze at you or make eye contact whilst you talk to them. Your instant response tells them that they have communicated effectively and that you value the way they feel. this helps children to continue developing their communication skills.

Talk to your child regularly and listen to what they have to say. You can start communicating with a child from as early as birth. this will help your child develop a special bond with you. This can be done by giving them lots of love and time and creating an environment where communication is open. Start by initiating the conversation and encourage them to open up and share their own feelings with you. 

Help them build on their language skills by completing daily activities and routines with them. You can do this by describing what you and your child see or do in your daily life and repeating unfamiliar words in different situations. Over time, these activities will become mundane and help your child effectively develop their communication skills.

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