Monday 17 July 2023

Teaching Your Child to Use Social Media Responsibly

The internet is a vast place and will have a wealth of opportunities waiting for your child from the click of a button. But there are of course drawbacks to using these features in the wrong ways. Social media also plays into this, with a whole world to explore out there among friends and even strangers.


Your child should be careful online regardless. Privacy can be easily compromised and thieves can find information quickly if not protected; cyberbullying can always occur, or your child is the bully themselves; inappropriate content can be found. 


Many other problems can unravel if they’re not controlled, and your child will become aware of them through school and in real-life situations. This private school in Clapham has some key advice to help your child use social media responsibly and with care for those around them.

Ask your child what sites they are using

If your child has a particular pattern of behaviour it will normally come from the social media sites they already access. While some of the platforms can be used on a PC, your child will also be following them through other means, especially if they have a smartphone. The social media accounts vary for different generations so it’s worth keeping on top of what your child actively uses in comparison to yourself.

Talk about personal information

This is important because your child will have a duty of care to protect their key information. These will be your home address, telephone numbers, emails, and even credit card or similar sensitive pieces of information that can cause harm. This is why talking openly about the purpose of keeping this information protected will ensure they’re safe when using different social platforms.

Reassure your child

You’re not here to berate your child’s choices, even when they make a mistake. Sometimes making a mistake on social media can be the start of that meaningful conversation. It can be a lot for children to handle - it’s important to comfort them and remind them that you will always be there for them.


What’s important is that you view these moments as opportunities for your child to grow and understand your point of view. Social media can be very useful and exciting, as long as they are aware of the risks and use the platforms in positive ways. 

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