Tuesday 27 January 2015

What the monsters have been up too

So we still haven't moved into the new house :( 

Living in limbo isn't great but it's bearable.

After our big ikea order we still found ourselves going back on Saturday to get some more bits and bobs to add to our mountain goodies that is taking over ken and Helens dining room!

Noah made a special Burns night Pudding -  cranachan as part of his follow a recipe homework!

He was very pleased with himself. 

He's doing really well with his reading and even earned himself two house points for doing lots of reading during last week.
We have started reading Roald Dahls 'The Twits'

Noah is loving it and wants to finish it so we can move onto George's marvellous medicine!

The twins are missing nursery a lot, so I'm taking them to soft play twice a week to keep them busy and to just get them out of the house. It usually is lovely and we spend about 2 - 3 hours there, I usually treat them to lunch.
Today wasn't so great. The boys got pushed, pinched and kicked whilst the child's mother just looked on. The child wasn't just doing it to my boys, every other child ended up crying at one point because of said child.
We only stayed an hour as the boys got fed up and wanted to go.

Ru is rather snotty and cutting another two teeth, he doesn't know whether he is coming or going!

He turned 9 months on Sunday and he's already out growing out most of his 9-12 month clothing.
We have ordered him the next stage car seat!
He really isn't staying a baby *excuse me whilst I cry*

He can walk along holding on and is now able to balance alone, it really won't be long till he's on the move unaided!

Fingers crossed we hear something about the house this week as I'm dying to set up the boys new rooms 

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