Thursday 11 June 2015

Swimming fun

I used to take Noah swimming once a week when he was little as it was easy, fun and wore him out. 

Once I had the twins, it all changed every pool that was close had a child to Adult ratio of 1- 1 so swimming became completely difficult as I could never find enough adults to come along.

I finally was able to get the twins in a pool when we went away to Devon on a big family holiday, they were 4 months old. There was a pool on the farm and no rules about how many kids to adults. My brother and I were the only ones brave enough to have a go. Noah and Isla were more than happy to jump in and splash about. Dan helped me with the twins and they loved it.

I was hoping to take them all swimming when we went to bluestone but again they had the 1-1 adult, child ratio! 

Pretty much giving up hope about the whole swimming situation, my friend suggested we try the local pool here.

Of course as you can see from the photo above we went swimming!!!


The local pool has a 2-1 child adult ratio as long as the child has a buoncy aid on!

The twins took to the water like fish and we're off splashing around trying to swimming and ducking their heads under the water.
 Ru clung to me like a little chimp, but he seemed to enjoy having a splash.

I'm so happy I'm able to take the boys swimming now, and make it part of their life like it was for Noah growing up. 

Multiable children problems 0 - swimming pool 1 

:) :) 

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