Tuesday 30 June 2015

Why I've decided to become an Organ Donor!

I've decided that I wanted to become an organ donor.
Well I'm not going to need them once I'm gone and I could potentially save someone's life, be that my own family or a family in need.
I'm not superwoman, I don't have superpowers but having the feeling that I may one day save a life makes me feel great.
I know there is a big need for organ donors and I would hate it **touch wood** something happen to my boys and they end up needing a transplant and there not being one and the worst happen. 
It's so easy to become a donor all you need to do is decided it's what you want, talk it through with your family and quite simply tick that little box.

I get it's not for everyone and completely understand why you would be against it.
My mum wasn't too keen on the idea but she understood why.

When I die I want to be placed in a tree pod so I turn into tree .... ...check out the idea...
I won't need organs when I'm a tree so to me it just makes sense!

Next step for me is to brave enough to donate blood!

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