Thursday 6 August 2015

Guilty pleasures we all have them, here are my top 5!

1. Chocolate.
 I have a secret stash of chocolate that keeps me going, I've perfected opening my chocolate as quietly as a mouse. As this mummy does not like to share her choccy buttons! 

2. Instagram!
 It's completely addictive, I love seeing what others are up too and what they do in their little world! It gives me that ten minutes of joy whilst the kids are napping or playing nicely!

3. Nail varnish.
 I can't help but buy a new colour everytime I go shopping! Living with a house of boys its my way of having a bit of girlie time! 

4. Cupcakes.
Not only do they look ridiculously cute they are ridiculously yummy. Once again a treat for mummy and mummy only! 

5. My planner / watching you tube planner videos.
Something completely sad and time consuming but I love watching how people decorate their planners and how they use them. Then I'll go and spend my evening time faffing around with mine. I'm sure my Instagram friends are getting bored with my silly planner photos!

Those are my guilty pleasures, what are yours? 

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