Wednesday 26 August 2015

Pirate ship park fun with Imune Nurture •Review•

When going out to the park, I'm a bit rubbish and always end up forgetting to pack drinks - which pretty much always ends up with me buying over priced sugary drinks when we are out just to quench their thirst after a manic play at the park. 

Imune Nuture drinks come in a super handy aseptic pouch that can easily fit into any backpack or changing bag with out taking up too much space! Being  spill proof means they won't leak all over your other items! 

Imune Nuture drinks come in delicious  taste that kids love - strawberry/cherry & orange/pineapple

Imune Nuture drinks are 100% natural, no added sugar or sweeteners
Scientifically proven to effectively support healthy immunity! 

The Convenient spill proof, aseptic pouch is the 1st in the UK!

The boys had a little difficultly with the spout, but once they figured they had to push it in to get the juice out they downed the pouch in no time! 

I really hate fuelling the boys up with sugary things, as the sugar crash is just unbearable. 
So having these handy drinks which are 100% sugar free are brilliant for the wildlings and with the added bonus of supporting their immune system is really great! 

They see a fun tasty drink,
I see a very healthy drink.
Everyone's a winner *thumbs up*

The boys all loved the drinks and have asked me to buy more. 

You can buy Imune Nuture drinks at the following shops--
Ocado £1.99 for a pack of 4
Tesco's extra and Holland and Barrett. The drinks are currently in the penny sale, so if you buy one, you get another one for a penny!!!

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