Sunday 18 October 2015

Pumpkin picking!

We headed off to Hoo this morning to pick ourselves a pumpkin.

Neither Jon or myself have been to a pumpkin patch before so we were both excited. 
The boys were all on a hype just because we were going somewhere new!

The plan was to get one pumpkin each .... That plan went out the window as soon as we stepped onto the field....
The boys got carried away, we got carried away and we just couldn't help ourselves! 

We now have more pumpkins than we can shake a stick at! 

We've popped one of a munchkin ones in to the oven so we can have it with our roast dinner. 

We're going to attempt to make a pumpkin pie then we'll have to google some more recipes.

If you have any, pop them in the comments below. 

Hope you enjoy the rest of the snaps I took.

It was free to get in and for the whole wheelbarrow it was £20!
I did think it would cost a lot more so I'm not too bothered by the price. 
Just imagine if we'd stuck to the one pumpkin each rule it would have been a pretty cheap day!

The boys loved running around trying to find the best pumpkins, I enjoyed hunting for the tiny ones and Rupert liked falling over!

I'll be following up with some blog post about what we make with our left our pumpkins! 

Lesson of the day don't fall in a rotten pumpkin ... They are stinky! 

Have you been to a pumpkin patch? 
Did you get as carried away as we did?

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