Tuesday 27 October 2015

The House of Twits App • Review •

The Twits is one of Noah's favourite books so when we were asked to review the new House of Twits app of course we said yes!

You start off playing with Mrs Twit and once you reach level 9 you can play with Mr Twit.

The first game is annoy Mrs Twit by poking her,pulling out her glass eye and turning her upside down! 
Noah loved this and was giggling in hysterics when she pulled her own eye out and said "I've got my eye on you"
You go to different rooms to do different things, so the more you play the more fun you can unlock.

The kitchen game is my favourite part!  You feed Mrs Twit up trying not to get the order wrong and she'll burb in your face, throw up and falls backwards off her chair. 
The more you get right the more choice of foods you get.
Maggots. Bird pie. Worms. Dog hair!
All very delicious!
All very funny! 

Great entertainment, and a great app. Fun for everyone.

If you fancy winning a copy of the beardy Twits book, why not head over to my  Instagram and comment on this picture 

and tell me what prank you would play on the Twits! 
Best Prank will win!
Giveaway will end Friday morning! 

Noah gives the app 10 out of 10!!

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