Sunday 7 August 2016

Will I ever hear that magical word come from his lips?

As I lay in the dark on the floor next to Ru I start to wonder .... 

Will he ever call me mummy?! 

He's nearly two and a half now and he still won't ever mutter the word mummy.

He can say a few colours, his brothers names, the pets names and his new word -  niiiicee.

But not mummy.
He won't say his name, or me or mine.

I know it shouldn't bother me, I laugh and joke about it with others but when I really stop and think about it. 

It does upset me, I long for him to call me mummy. I practically force feed him the word mummy on a daily basis.

Maybe he knows this and he's playing mean toddler mind games with me.

I call him baby.
He calls me baby.
Does he think we are the same person?

I always wonder how he views the world and what goes on around him.

He's a smart little thing I know that.
He was walking before he was one, he was making sounds and words early on, but something switched in his head and he went backwards in terms of speech.

I know his temper is usually down to not being able to get what he wants across and he did used to use Makaton a lot but that's stopped and he only uses his sign for bottle now.

He has been referred to Speech and language Therapy so I'm laying all my eggs in that basket and hoping it works a miracle - I know I shouldn't but I can't help myself.

Every night as I lay on his floor and wait for him to slip away into dream land I always wonder to myself will tomorrow be the day that he says that magical word?!?

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