Thursday 14 January 2021

My Little Love Heart Baby Girl Gift Set / Review

Just after Christmas, I had an exciting delivery all the way from Australia!
The lovely Luisa from My Little Love Heart had asked me if I wanted to review some of her gorgeous hand made baby items and I was more than keen to say yes.

Luisa decided to send me the Baby Girl gift set in the print botanical.

What's included in the gift set?

A Burp cloth,
Baby Bib,
Bandana dribble bib,
Bunny teether,
and a little headband.

This botanical print is one of their newest prints and has already become a favourite.

It is part of their Australiana range which is the perfect gift for any Australian or overseas baby girl. 

The Australiana range includes the Koala, Kangaroo, Eucalyptus, and floral gumnuts prints.

All items are lovingly handmade by Luisa and the gift set retails at $74.95 Australian dollars which equals £42.52. 
Which I think is a very reasonable price for five handmade items.

I love the print and that the fabric is super soft, I've washed everything in preparation for the baby's arrival and all items washed up a treat.
You can wash the items in a normal 40-degree wash, which makes life easier as sometimes handmade items need to be washed on a slightly different setting to your usual but Lusia has made sure everything is simple and no extra fuss is needed.

I can't wait to see our baby girl wearing her bibs, the print is fresh and bright and the pink is just the perfect shade!

I love all the little details on the items and can tell Lusia has really put a lot of love into making them.

If you are having a baby soon or know someone who is, I highly recommend checking out My Little Love Heart, along with the baby gift sets, items are also sold separately with an amazing range of prints to choose from. 
I also wouldn't let the fact that the shop is in Australia, as the waiting time really wasn't that long at all, it usually works out at 10 - 30 days shipping all depending on how busy the postal team is.


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