Friday 13 August 2021

6 months of baby Bea

6 months, half a year old!!
I can't quite believe it.

It feels as though these 6 months have raced up to us and I'm not sure I'm ready for Bea to be six months old yet!

An ever-growing baby needs a constant supply of new clothes!

Bea is definitely my most smiley baby, she smiles at everyone, she very rarely cries, the only time she does is when I hand her over for someone else to hold whilst I pop to the loo or need to do something for the boys and she isn't quite ready to let me go!

Bea's favourites;
Boob milk,
Being outdoors,
Sweet Potato,
Her Jellycat bumblebee.

Her eyes are slightly turning green,
Her hair is blonde/auburn depending on what light you look at it in.
She is trying very hard to get up into the crawling position.

We have officially started weaning, I tried a little BLW as that was how I weaned the boys but Bea chokes when she gets a lump of food. So it's safer and less stressful to do purees with her at the moment.
She is really enjoying discovering new tastes.
I bought a fruit dummy, which I can give different types of fruits in without her choking on them.
She really loves melon, strawberries, apricots but her favourite is definitely banana.

She's also a big fan of hummus. 
I need to get her some nice weaning accessories, as currently, I am just using an old little bowl I can find in my parents' cupboards.

I am now 6 months postpartum and Im now looking at losing all the extra baby weight/lockdown weight I put on.
I am making sure I do 10,000 steps a day and have replaced my dinner with a green super smoothie, which is made with avocado, basil, apple and spinach. So far I have lost 5lb.

I still find myself staring at her in awe and thanking my lucky stars for her.
She really has completed our family!


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  1. Happy half birthday Bea! What a cutie! She sounds like such a sweetheart. x