Tuesday 10 August 2021

Hello London

Seeing as we are still London, I decided to take the boys on an adventure around London to see all the tourist hotspots, especially seeing as it's pretty quiet due to the lack of foreign tourists.
Kelly and the girls joined us.

We met them at Victoria and then headed to Buckingham Palace to watch the changing of the guard as neither of us had seen it before.

Unfortunately, it had been cancelled and we weren't going to get to see it that day either but we did however see some horse guards heading off towards the horse guard parade.

The kids were all excited about seeing everything and didn't moan at all about being bored!

Seeing the Pelicans in St James Park was awesome, the boys all thought they were hilarious just sat smack bang in the middle of the path and not even moving when people went around them.

The kids all couldn't decide what they wanted for lunch and everyone wanted something different, so Kelly decided to take charge and take us to Bar Elba in Waterloo.

It is technically a rooftop cocktail bar for over 21s but the manager agreed to let us up.
I'm not sure they were expecting 7 kids to come tagging along but carried on letting us up.

The kids were all very well behaved and as we were leaving the manager came up to us to say how impressed she was with their behaviour.

Lunch with a view!

I had halloumi tacos & a non-alcohlic cocktail.

Watching the skateboarders at Southbank.

The reward at the end of the adventure was a trip to Covent Gardens and then on to Leicester Square to go into the LEGO store and M&M World.

Whilst the kids were all enjoying the street performers I ran into the Moomin Shop on my own to buy Bea a few treats, she ended up with a summer romper and a Moomintroll plush.

Cute bits for Bea.

Once everyone was finished watching the street performers and I had done a little bit of shopping we headed to the LEGO store. 

They each had a bit of pocket money to spend, so they were let loose and they all enjoyed finding something to buy, we then went over to M&M World for them to spend the rest of their money.

They were all very impressed with all the M&Ms they could choose from.
I was hoping it would be a bit like the M&M World I went in when I was in Florida and was really hoping to get some peanut butter ones but unfortunately, they only had peanut, normal, crispy and brownie type ones.

After everyone had finished spending their money we had a quick stroll through China Town and then headed back to catch our first tube of the day back to Victoria.

I had only planned to stay out till about 4 ish but we eventually got on the train home at 7oclock. 
The boys had all walked over 30,000 steps and I had clocked up over 20,000.
We were all rather tired by the time we got back to my parents but it was an awesome day out.

We are loving our London summer holiday, and have already planned our next trip into town for Thursday.



  1. It looks like you had a fab time. How exciting to see all the tourist spots. It's something I would love to do. What a great adventure. x

  2. It’s the best time to do it now as it’s not that busy!
    We’re off to the Tower of London today and I’m hoping the same goes for that 🤞🏻

  3. It’s the best time to do it now as it’s not that busy!
    We’re off to the Tower of London today and I’m hoping the same goes for that 🤞🏻