Monday 21 February 2022

The Benefits of School Trips for Children


Children will get to experience school trips at a few different stages throughout their time at school. There are a lot of different trips kids can appreciate across many different subjects that will allow them to explore complex subjects, broaden their horizons and develop their skills in critical thinking, decision making, and communication.

In this guide from a boy's school in Hertfordshire, we take a look at the ways school trips bring a number of benefits to children.

Increased motivation

Children will be looking at school trips as enrichment activities and will get very excited about the prospect of moving out of the classroom and into a new environment. 

They also will express the need for varying learning environments, which is why you’ll find that your child is very excited at the prospect of heading outside to learn. New activities and a different perspective on learning will give children the motivation to absorb important information.

Improves a child’s worldview

A child’s knowledge will only expand through new discoveries, which is part of why school trips are beneficial throughout their school lives. 

A lot of school trips revolve around crucial elements in history, concepts that surround our everyday lives, and religious beliefs. 

It’s all about giving children the awareness of what’s going on around them and how it can shape their worldview.

Improves a child’s communication

A school trip is usually full of children that your child may not have interacted with before. 

Teachers will try to encourage children to mingle with other students to see if they’re able to socialise with other people easily, as well as learning how to work well in teams or pairs. 

Collaborating with others is a big part of a child’s development, which is why school trips lean heavily on working with a group of students to complete tasks.

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