Friday 7 November 2014

The book advent calendar

I've seen a lot of posts on other lovely blogs, Facebook,twitter and instagram about this fab idea.....
wrap up 24 books and let the children pick one each night on the lead up to Christmas.

I think this idea is amazing and wish id known about it sooner. As you know we do love our books in this house! I think The book advent calendar will make story time that little bit more exciting as they won't know what book they will be reading until they have opened it.

The books can be new or old or a mixture of both. I've bought some new ones and picked out some old ones. Mainly they are all Christmas themed and some are our all time favourites. 

I have 13 so far and some more in the post which I have ordered from amazon. I love buying new books, it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. "My names Hannah and I am a book hoarder!"

Once I have all my books I'll then do the fun bit if wrapping them all up. 

I'm really getting into the Christmas spirit now, I'll be singing Christmas songs before you know it. I
ordered the boys a Christmas elf (elf on the shelf but a bit cheaper), I really think all the boys will
love it. I usually say the elves are watching but that eventually leads to a very freaked out Noah. So I
think if he can actually see this little doll he won't get so spooked.
They all love toy story and they all still think toys come alive when they aren't around. So this should
go down a treat, I just have to make sure I can think of some fun things for the little elf to get up too
whilst they are sleeping.

What Christmas traditions do you do in your house, or are you starting any new ones year?

I'm joining this post up with Cate's Christmas count down linky over at Me add three

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