Thursday 13 November 2014

We all love a Christmas dinner...

....I'm sure like me you all love a good Christmas dinner! 

Now I'm old and have been told the dreadful truth that Father Christmas doesn't do presents for adults, I get more excited about the dinner.....though I'm pretty sure this would be different story if I actually had to cook the dinner myself.
Thank you mum / father in law :) 
(Depending which unlucky household we have descended on during the festive holidays)

Now the fab people over at Ella's kitchen have a yummy new flavour, yes you guessed it......
... A scrummy Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, including turkey, carrots, parsnips, red cabbage, potatoes, onions, green beans, cranberries – even sprouts!! 

The perfect festive meal for little ones from 7 months+

Jingle belly Christmas dinner

For every pouch sold, they will donate at least 30p to the charity kids company to help feed hungry kids in the UK this Christmas! 

So not only will you be treating your lovely little ones to something yummy for their tumtums you
will also be helping out a great cause!!!

The pouches are available now at Tesco!

If you want to donate to Kids Company and help them feed thousands of vulnerable little ones this Christmas, go to

If you want more info you can always Check out Ella's kitchen website

Me add three

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