Sunday 29 March 2015

Easter Bonnets - Easter crafting!

Noah has to make a bonnet for his school, so I thought I would make an afternoon of crafting and get the twins involved 

This will be the first time doing bonnets so I'm not 100% how well it will turn out! 

Everything in the above picture cost £10 and we got it all in the pound shop, so for an afternoon of crafting I wouldn't say that was too bad!

I had some extra craft stuff laying around so we used that as well. 

By the time I had set everything up the twins were napping, so I was left to do theirs whilst Noah did his.

Even though the wildlings were involved it was chaos!!


No has a bunny ear headband that he will put on once the bonnet is on his head 

The twins 

Once the glue has dried and everything is stuck in place I will add a picture with them all modelling their bonnets!

 We had fun doing these so I think I'll be doing more easter crafting during the Easter holidays 

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