Monday 23 March 2015

How we've been getting on ...

So it's a second week in the new house.
Noah started school this morning, in a little village ten minutes away.
Everyone seemed very friendly and a lovely little girl came up to us and introduced herself and some of the other girls in his class.
He was very shy but we had no tears, so that must be a good sign!!

 I'm looking forward to finding out how his day went.

We have now cleared the lounge and put up our new bookcase.
Some of the walls are looking rather bear so we will need to find some nice pictures to put up.

Noah's room is still half done so I'm really hoping to sort it this week as I want him to be settled and happy with the new house.

Rupert's room is still a no go area as its stocked with millions of boxes.

Our new super king bed should be here soon, I'm so excited about having a nice bed to sleep on.

We added to our family yesterday.
Which we are all very pleased with a Ray seems to have settled in well already!

Ru and Noah adore him 

We have a lovely meadow five seconds from our doorstep so it's ideal for his walks and the beach is only ten minutes away.  

Some pictures from the week 

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