Tuesday 3 March 2015

Shoe zone - review

The lovely people at shoe zone contacted me asking if I'd like to review some of their shoes.

The boys we're actually needing new shoes as we only packed them with one pair each - thinking we would only be with the in laws a week or two .... Not 8!
So the request couldn't have come at a better time.

I've never really thought about buying from Shoe Zone before, so I had a look on the website and was pleasantly surprised by the choice and the price from the range they offer.
The boys feet are constantly growing so we work our way through a LOT of shoes.

Shoes cost money and money unfortunately doesn't grow on trees!

They gave me a budget of £35 - my first thought was that wouldn't actually get 3 pairs of shoes! 
I was actually in for a nice surprise... 

Each pair of trainers cost £9.99
So for three pairs that's a total of £29.97
Less than what I would usually pay for one pair!!! 


When they arrived, they looked even better that they did on line, they didn't have a cheap feel to them and they actually look like they will last - well until their feet outgrown them which is bound to be in a couple of weeks time.

The twins have hardly taken them off and every person they see they point out that they have neeeeeeew shoes on.
Noah thinks his are super cool as they look like the trainers from one of the 'back to the future' films!

Did you know that Shoe Zone, the leading value footwear retailer, currently trades from over 500 stores throughout the UK and Ireland. They sell over 20 million pairs of shoes a year!
Nor did I, but we all do now! 

Will I be buying the boys shoes from Shoe Zone in the future??
Most likely, specially as I'm so impressed with the quality and the price!

You can check out the Shoe Zone website here:: www.shoezone.com 

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