Thursday 19 November 2015

Oxford Street Shopping Trip

Tuesday I left Jon home alone with the run of the house and in charge of the beasties (mwahahahaha) and I headed off to London to meet up with my gran and my mum for a day of shopping.

Mum had some vouchers which she said she would happily spend on me to treat me to some new clothes for my 30th (which is in a few weeks btw)

On our way to find somewhere to eat we walked past Sakare and was bought inside by one of the sales girls from outside, she wow'd us with all the goodies and she knew how to talk the talk so ended up getting a sale. 
I know have a Sakare nail kit which I'm
Looking forward to using, specially the medical buffer which makes your nail shine like you have a clear nail varnish on!
Amazing I know! 

We had a lovely lunch in Carluccios, where I had a beautiful pumpkin risotto which was rinsed down with two glasses of Rosè.

Over lunch my gran talked my mum into buying me some new boots! 
Shopping with gran always works out in my favour :) 

The plan of the day was to 
Try and ditch my "dragged through a hedge" look and swap it for a more "yummy mummy" look! 

We headed off to Selfridges to have a look at what we could buy if we win the lottery, little did I think I'd be walking out with a rather large yellow bag!!  

We then headed of to Debehams which is where mum had her vouchers for. 
The range wasn't as lavish as Selfridges but I managed to find some lovely bits. 

I got two pairs of jeans.

 And three new tops 

I did try on a really lovely dress, but because i have such big child bearing hips it really didn't suit me. I looked as though I could play my hips like bongos! 
So to say the least they said in the shop for someone much slimmer to buy! 

Just before we caught our trains home we had a coffee in costa then headed to my favourite place .... Lush

My mum treated me to a few bits and some robots for the boys 

Then my gran bought me something from my Birthday wish list !! 

A sweet Christmas lush gift set! 

Inside it contains 
A magic wand bubble bar,
Luxury lush pud bath bomb,
Rose jam bubbleroon,
Tooth fairy strawberry tooth powder, 
Snow fairy shower gel,
Yog nog bath bomb,
Comforter shower cream.

I'm not going to open it until my actual birthday as Noah told me it's cheating! 

It's been a good start to turning 30!
I'm no longer dreading my birthday, I feel I'm on the right path to where I want to be within myself.


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