Monday 30 November 2015

The Beautiful Book Company

Looking for a gift that keeps giving?? 
Have a book worm in the family??
Know any little people who love receiving new books? 
Then look no further! 

The Beautiful Book Company

A gift like no other.
You can buy a whole box at once or pick the 'one a month' option. Which will the receive a book a month until the subscription is finished, giving the recipient time to read the books before another turns up. 

Not only do they offer beautiful children's books they have books to suit everyone - 

The Classic Collection - from £34.99
The Contemporary Collection - from £34.99
The Children's Classic Collection - from £29.99
The Baby and Toddler Collection - from £29.99
The "New Mums" Collection - from £34.99
The Travellers Collection - from £54.99
The Chefs Collection - from £59.99
The Film Lover's Collection - from £39.99
The Arts & Crafts Collection - from £44.99
The "Big Cheese" Collection - from £59.99
The "Put Your Feet Up" Collection - from £34.99
The Retirement Collection - from £34.99
The Couple's Collection - from £69.99
The "Get Well Soon" Collection - from £64.99

How it works ::

 1) Pick from one from range of packages.
2) Choose "Book a Month" and pick a length of time or a whole book collection 
3) Fill in a few details about the lucky recipient so The Beautiful Book Company can ensure they will love the selection.
4) Check out, sit back and relax. They'll  deliver a beautifully packaged and wrapped book every month to the recipient along with a personalised card in the first package, telling them who the gift is from.
5) Feel smug in the knowledge you've bought a beautiful, thoughtful present which will keep on giving (and remember to renew the gift for them when it expires!)

A little bit about The Beautiful Book Conpany 

"Born from a life-long passion for books, combined with the frustration at a lack of options for literary based gifts, our company was founded in 2014 in St Albans.
We believe in the power of literature to inspire and fire imaginations of all ages, temporarily transporting people from their day to day lives. 
Whilst many people choose e-books these days, we're sure you'll agree that there is nothing better than the look, feel and smell of a physical book, whether you're opening it for the first time, or pulling it off the bookshelf to devour for the twentieth time.
Especially when that book has been hand selected for you, beautifully packaged and delivered right to your front door."

I was very kindly sent a sample from the Baby and toddler box.

Beautifully packaged with a hand written note. It just shows the love for books that the guys over at The Beautiful Book Company  have!

It's nothing at all like receiving a book from any other online book shops.

Books are special and should be shown love. 

I adore new books.
I can't bring myself to read books on a kindle or any other device as it just isn't the same.
I love the feel of having a book in my hand, I love the smell of new books, the noise the pages make when you turn them over is joy to my ears.

My names Hannah and I'm a bookaholic!!

I have passed on my love of books on to the boys and make sure we read books every day. I do try to treat them to new ones every now and then.

I would be over the moon if someone got this as a gift for me/the boys.

 I think it's s great idea and it's always fun reciving a surprise box on your doorstep.
It makes such a nice change from the usual bills and junk mail that gets pushed through the letter box! 


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