Saturday 7 November 2015

Survival of the Fittest Competition with Ransom Spares!

I was invited to take part in 
Survival of the Fittest Competition with Ransom Spares.

Could I live without my washing machine for a week? 
Maybe learn some washing life hacks along the way!?

I thought this would be a great Challange to take part in, as my poor washing machine is on constantly every single day!

I always ask myself ...Is that really necessary?  
Well the answer to that is 

I cannot live without my washing machine for a day let alone a week!

I think I last all of two days before I was faced with a washing mountain the size of Kilimanjaro!! 

Being a family of 6, we get through a LOT of washing!!
The twins still have the occasional toilet accident and well Rupert is a walking mess magnet! 
Not only am I washing the daily clothes, I have tea towels, towels and bed lining to work into the equation!
If one basket doesn't get done that has a huge knock on effect.

The Little washing hacks I tried! 
• I tried making the boys re wear any clothes / pjs that weren't dirty.
• I tried washed some of Noah's uniform by hand!

~Even doing that didn't make much difference to the mountain.~

Would I love to be able to live with out doing at least two loads a day?
Of course I would! 
But being able to keep on top of the busy 
household upkeep its out of the question!

To those who succeeded I tip my hat to you!
Well done! 

Do you think you could live without your washing machine for a whole week??

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