Monday 23 May 2016


On Friday me the gang and the dog will be off to a secret location somewhere in Kent to go Wild Camping.

For a first ever camping trip for the boys this may be a little extreme, but hey where's the adventure in playing it safe!?!?

We've rented a bell tent, which is meant to sleep 4 but we'll squeeze in.
The twins like to share, I'll co-sleep with Ru and Jon and Noah can have their own beds. 

Seeing as we've never been camping as a family before we've had to buy some camping supplies;
Sleeping bags,
Camping chairs,
Foldable water containers,
Camping cutlery & plates etc
A cool bag.

Things we still need to get are an endless supply of food - the boys are always hungry. I'm planning to take some individual formula milk bottles (the toddler stuff) for Ru as I'm not sure how nice proper milk will stay.
He has a bottle before bed every night, so just in case he wants that comfort I want to be able to give it to him. 
I am hoping he'll runs himself wild and just collapses at the end of the day and won't even want the milk.
But its always better to be safe that sorry! 

Onesies for the boys to wear in the evening to keep warm,
Games to keep them entertained if nothing else is going on.
Though I'm sure they'll all be too busy playing in mud and making new friends.

I'm currently searching the web for camping with kids must haves, so if you know of anything that is a must have, please comment below.

So what is #FeastInTheWoods ....

A family friendly off-grid camping weekend nestled within a secret woodland, to celebrate all things tasty and the great outdoors.

* Communal Feast * Bushcraft *Forest School * Archery * Wild Swimming * Nature Walks * Food Demonstrations and Talks * Tree Climbing * And more

The communal feast is cooked up by Forage & Fire.

The menu for Saturday looks amazing!! 
Up until I saw the menu I wasn't sure if I'd like anything, but it all sounds right up my street - 

Mojo Angus skirt, wild salsa
Charred butternut, St Georges, truffle
Fire baked beets, pickled walnuts, mallow flowers
Smoked heritage carrots, roast radish, wild garlic pesto
Wild mixed leaf salad, pickled hogweed dressing
Fired sourdough flatbreads

Forage and Fire are Alex Bluett and Kieran Jefferson.
Having sharpened their knives on the thriving Bristol and South West food scene, they decided to venture out into the wild in search of unique venues, ingredients, and experiences to share. With a dedication to simple, delicious food, unusual and unsung ingredients, and a passion for sustainable ways of working, they are now stretching their culinary wings into a forest or a pub or a restaurant near you.
Find them on twitter @forageandfire and facebook

On the Sunday there will also be a communal BBQ where we can all share the food we've brought along with us.

I'm pretty excited about the forest school - the boys and myself will all love that.

I'm also up for a bit of wild swimming, it is meant to be raining the whole weekend but i won't let that put me off. 

Nature walks are one of our favourite things to do, so I'm sure we'll be doing plenty of them.

Most of all turning my phone off and not worrying about it for a couple of days!!! 

Photos taken from HoneyWoods Website.

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