Sunday 1 May 2016

Ru Bear Turned Two

So my baby turned two on Monday.

To be honest I was dreading it a little.

I don't want my youngest to grow up, 
id much rather him be a baby forever.

Last Sunday my parents came over and let Ru open their presents and then took us out for lunch.

Sometimes Ru can be great when out at restaurants but other times....just plain awful.
He won't eat anything,
He is unable to sit still,
He's a runner.

Unless we go prepared; say like when we go to Costa, we always get a spare little costa cup and he's more than happy to pour his juice in and drink.
We go to Costa every week so its like routine for him, he knows what's coming.

Whatever we did he wasn't happy, in the end he sat under the table or run around my dad.

Their is a little play area outside, which I took Ru out too so he could run some energy off whilst we waiting for our food.

He found the biggest puddle and soaked himself head to toe.
I hadn't brought any spare clothes....duh,
so I raided the twins nursery bags which were in the back of the van and was able to change him into something dry.

Once back inside at our table, Ru behaved for all of five minutes, and ate one of Jon's chips and he downed a bottle of pear juice.
Pear juice and toddles do not mix well!

As soon as we got back to the car poor Ru threw up all over him and me and then twice more over the pavement, then went on to poop himself.

Minus the bad points it was a lovely day and everyone had fun.

On Ru's actual birthday we didn't really do anything special, I spent most of the morning building his kitchen which we got from Asda.

He opened the rest of his presents once the twins and Noah were at school / nursery. They all got pretty jealous when he was opening things on the Sunday, so we thought it would be best not to do the rest with them around.

He got some really lovely things, a wooden cooking set and a nice outfit from Nana & Gramps (Jon's parents),
another outfit from his great auntie (Jon's auntie)
some gorgeous tops from tobias and the bear from his auntie Jenni (Jon's sister)
my gran and our neighbour gave him some money, which I spent on some more Disney Cars.
An awesome playdoh backpack filled with playdoh from his from his great gramps and Eileen (my grandparents)
A lovely Jellycat monkey, which came with his very own story from my aunt and uncle.
A gorgeous tea set and pull along horse from the pippa and ike show from my parents.

Some really lovely bits that he was very pleased with.

I bought Ru a rainbow cake ... well what I thought was going to be a rainbow cake but it was a cheat!!
Only the icing was different colours!
Ru as you can see had no issue with it, he was very impressed with it. Though he wasn't really a fan of it when it came to eating it. So I pretty much ate the whole thing.....spread out over a few days!

I'll be making my own rainbow cake when its time for the twins and Ru's joint party at the end of May.

On Thursday Ru had his 2 year check with the health visitor, I majorly stressed out before hand, as I was worried she would be the same as everyone else about my concerns over Ru and tell me I'm imagining it, or wishing it upon him (yes someone has actually said that I'm wish ASD onto Ru, because obviously every mother wants her child to be autistic.)

But she was really great, we went through the questions and she took down my answers, she couldn't test Ru as he decided it was a great time for a nap.
She had only seen him a few months ago so already knows what he can be like.

After she went through the scores, she showed me where the concerns were and that he was in the "black" on a few of them.
She then came up with a plan of action, so that if we do need to refer him to be assessed for ASD we will have all the back up we need.

We are going to have a couple more health checks, to see if he's improved and she has suggested I go along to some parenting classes and scope out how other kids are and see if I can compare them with Ru or see if Ru is actually completely different to everyone, not just the twins and Noah.

I feel a lot more positive about everything and it feels like the stress has been lifted off my shoulders.
Its nice to have someone who actually understands my issues and not just bat them away because they don't want to believe something may be up with Ru.

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