Thursday 16 June 2016

App Review || Teddy Passport

We've been trying out the cool new Teddy Passport App.

The twins take their sheepdog teddies that we go from Bluestone EVERYWHERE.
To bed,
To nursery,
On the school run,
To the beach,
To the toilet.
Anywhere the twins go, the dogs go.

Alex's is named Daddy Dog and Oscar's is named Baby Dog.

When I heard of the Teddy Passport I knew it would be great for the boys and they would love stamping the passport with all the places that the dogs go!

Its really easy to set up and just like a real passport once you've submitted your details you cannot change them.
So make sure you get them right first time!!

You also can't double stamp in one day.
The twins love getting the app up on my phone and making sure they stamp in whenever we go somewhere with the dogs.
Its been such a good hit with them, even Noah has downloaded it on to his tablet for his teddy.

If you have a child who has a favourite teddy they take everywhere then this is the app for you!
The summer holidays are coming up, you could use this app to record all the places you visit.

You can find the app here -

For only £1.49.

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