Tuesday 28 June 2016

Book Review || The Lost Smile

The Lost Smile illustrates what we know to be true: Children's smiles are powerful and infectious, inducing a 'smile back' effect on those around them.

Authored by award winning children’s poet, Joseph Coelho, and illustrated by Sheena Dempsey.

We were very kindly sent a copy of 'The Lost Smile' the boys were drawn to it as soon as it came out the envelope.
The story is short and sweet and the illustrations are very cute.

You follow a little boy named Kyle on the hunt for his families missing smiles..

He packs up his bag with all his smile searching tools,
A toothbrush for brushing up smiles.
A book on how to identify smiles.
A magnifying glass to find small smiles.
Sunglasses to protect against bright smiles.
A feature duster to tickle out hiding smiles.
A camera to capture smiles.

Kyle makes up some LOST posters and sets about on his mission.
He even takes a trip to the moon.

The boys were very taken with the story and when I asked why Kyle was searching for his family's smile, the twins responded with because they are all a bit grumpy looking.

At the start of the week I hosted a giveaway to win a copy of The Lost Smile over on my instagram
I had four lucky winners;

The Smile Back Project
The Extra Smile Back projects aims to protect children's smiles and to help them smile confidently back at the end of the day.
By donating a minimum of £250,000 to Action for Children, we will create and run oral health workshops, in partnerships with the Oral Health Foundation.
Through this project, Extra aims to protect the smiles of more than 10,000 children across the UK.

For more information on The Smile Back Project, visit smileback.wrigley.co.uk

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