Tuesday 6 September 2016

A case of the head crazies

The twins are wild at the best of days but the last two days come the school run time something gets into and makes them ridiculously hyper. 

They act like I've pumped them full of E-numbers and never let them see the light of day before.

They get so hyper they don't listen to what I've told them.

They're so noisy they make a class full of screaming children look quiet.
They hit themselves, they hit each other, they roll around on the floor.
They speak so fast no one not even me can understand them.

They look like the kids you wouldn't want your children going anywhere near.

They are embarassing and they make me feel like I want to crawl into a hole when they pay notice of what I'm telling them.

Today was a whole other leave of them not listening, as Oscar nearly got run over.

We were crossing the road and I told them all to stop half way, but because he was on one he ran all the way and nearly got hit by an on coming car.
Thankfully the last in the car had slowed right down when she saw us crossing on the other side but normal cars speed down that road and give no notice to people crossing.

It even made Alex yell out at Oscar that he should never run in the road.

I have told them time and time again you do not run across roads, that you take your time and you look and listen.

I was so ashamed of their behaviour today I went home and cried.

They are so lovely when they're acting normal, they just get so out if control when it comes to school pick up time or when someone new comes round.

I'm hoping it's just excitement about starting school and that they'll calm right down but it's making me not want to take them anywhere near the school. Just for my sanity and there safety!

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