Tuesday 6 September 2016

Cool Ideas To Make It A Magical Christmas For The Kids

The run-up to Christmas is always such a spellbinding time for children. And Christmas Eve is the most exciting night of all.
Check out our ideas below on all the cool ways to make it a magical Christmas for your kids this year.

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Christmas At Home

You can get your children to write letters to Santa in Lapland and then post them. Websites such as www.laplandletters.com will also send out a personalised letter to your children.
Create a magical key that children can decorate with you to let Santa in. This works well if you don't have a chimney. Get an oversized key and decorate it with glitter and ribbons. Add a note card telling Santa he’s welcome to come in. Create a runway outside your home with solar lights. Tell your kids that this is for Santa so he has light for his landing. Get everyone a personalised stocking, even the adults! You can also get Santa to leave a personalised video message for your kids on websites such as www.portablenorthpole.com.
Buy festive red bowls and plates. Leave out milk, cookies, carrots and a mince pie for the man himself and his reindeer. You can even make and decorate the cookies the day before with the children. And don’t forget to leave a handwritten note from Santa that the kids can read on Christmas morning. Take a walk around the neighbourhood to see all the fairy lights and decorations on Christmas Eve.
Stock up on hot chocolate and cookies to make it a magical mini tour. Watch The Snowman on TV on Christmas Eve and read The Night Before Christmas as their bedtime story. Get some fake snow and leave two snow footprints outside the living room or bedroom doors. Talcum powder also works well for this. And to make the man real?
Use Capture the Magic, which is a website that puts Father Christmas in your living room photo.

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Christmas With Santa Claus

Want to give your children the most whimsical winter wonderland experience? Follow the click and find out how to choose a family activity holiday that has Christmas all wrapped up in one big magical trip. Where could we possibly be thinking about? Lapland of course! Prepare for much squealing, hugs and kisses when you tell your kids you are off to the real home of Father Christmas this winter. They’ll get to experience activities such as reindeer sledding, snowmobiling, Christmas craftwork, snow sculpting and searching for Santa. Immerse yourself in a Nordic land of snowy forests, twinkling candlelight and cosy log cabins. And the highlight of the trip will, of course, be meeting Father Christmas in his own home. Lapland is a once-in-a-lifetime trip that your children will treasure forever. Even when they’re old!  

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Christmas With All The Family

If you fancy a big old family knees up why not rent a cottage or grand country house with all the family for a traditional Christmas that’s big on magic and fun. There are plenty of rentals in beautiful areas of the UK such as the Lake District, the Cotswolds and Cornwall. Rentals can take from anywhere between 8-15 people or more. This is perfect if there are lots of siblings and cousins who would love to spend Christmas together. And it also takes the hassle out of organising trips to each other’s houses over the Christmas period.
Choose a place with open fires, a large kitchen and in an area that’s great for crisp winter walks. Get your kids to choose personalised gifts for each member of the family. Wrap them in brown parcel paper that your children can then decorate with glitter, stickers and Polaroid shots of each recipient. Each set of families can choose a dish to make for Christmas, and you can share out the chores between all the children.

This can be everything from peeling potatoes to sprinkling fairy dust on cookies. Give everyone a role as if they are little elves. Buy all the children new Christmas pyjamas that they can wear on Christmas Eve and take a selection of winter themed movies to watch for the week. Also load up the car with board games including Kerplunk, Twister and Hungry Hippos. Maybe add in Scrabble for the older children! And don’t forget to take all the stockings, letters to Santa and reindeer food for Christmas Eve.

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