Friday 20 November 2015

Book Advent Calendar!

Being a family of book lovers, I'm really excited about our second year doing the Book Advent Calendar.

I started this tradition last year, It worked so well and all the boys loved being able to unwrap a different book each night before bed.
It really got them into the swing of Christmas.
The excitement of not knowing what story they were going to get was great fun! 

As I got so many new Christmas books last year I'll only be purchasing a couplw more this year. 
After last year I put all the books away so they will still feel new to the boys and give the same excitement as it did last year.

The bear who had never seen Christmas 
Santa's sleigh is on its way to Kent 
Norman the slug who saved Christmas 
The gruffalos child
Stick man 
The Nativity 
How many sleeps till Christmas 
The dinosaur that pooped Christmas 
The polar bear who saved Christmas 
Bear stays up for Christmas 
Aliens love Panta Claus 
Father Christmas really needs a wee
I love you Father Christmas
   One snowy night

The idea is:
You wrap up 24 books and then you  either number them or let your child/children open them at random.
It makes a change from the usual chocolate advent calendars and it's more fun.
They don't all have to be Christmas themed they can be some of your favourite stories.

I still have a couple more to get and then I'll add a couple of their normal favourites!

Then I shall begin the wrapping and hiding them until December 1st when they will appear along with the Scout Elf.

Is this something you do already, or something you may consider doing now? 


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