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Wedding Fever Has Well and Truly Hit ...

So it would seem I'm getting married in 6 Weeks Time!!! Whilst Jon was in hospital I told him my Gramps was coming to visit in November and through his drug misted mind he suggested we plan a quick wedding in the local Registry office whilst he was here.
Well...... That tiny little wedding has spread into a fairly decent sized wedding at our local church!
Image source.
Even thought it's bigger than we were planning its still really only family. Parents, Siblings + offspring and partners, Grandparents, Aunts & Uncles + Cousins and then a couple of our best friends.
We had to draw the line somewhere, as if we didn't we'd end up inviting everyone and our little simple wedding that wasn't meant to cost the earth will start being more than we can handle.
We've been together long enough to not want all the bells and whistles of a normal wedding and just have it very family oriented and very simple. Say our vows in front of the people who really mean the world to …

Rise Of Scar Playset

Disney Junior's The Lion Guard, Kion, the brave leader of the Guard, and his team are put to the test when they face the evil villain Scar!  Join Kion as he challenges Scar in the action-packed Rise of Scar Playset. 

Key Features;
Playset features fun lights and soundsIncludes one exclusive Kion figurePlay flames light up and pop out and the head rises!So many fun features including a snake attack, a collapsing bridge, a lava ball launcher, a battering ram, and more!Batteries included

The boys all really enjoy watching The Lion Guard on Disney Junior so when this Rise Of Scar Playset from flairplc arrived they all went rather crazy.
The Lion Guard Follows on from the incredible story of Simba in the Lion King, this new hit series recounts the efforts of Kion, the son and youngest child of Simba and Nala.  Follow him as he tries to assemble a team of animals to protect the Pride lands.
I originally agreed to review it for Ru but the twins and even Noah enjoy playing with it and I often …

JCB Hydradig Die-cast Model.

The JCB Hydradig is the first true wheeled excavator designed for purpose, from the ground up.  The machine is the first for visibility - see all four wheels;  stability - 1000kg at maximum reach;  manoeuvrability - under 4m turning radious;  mobility - stable 40kph roading; and serviceability - rapid ground level servicing.

Authentic 1:32 scale model replica;Constructed from die cast metal and plastic;Compatible with most 1:32 scale Britains models;Suitable for indoor and outdoor play Ages 3 and up.

Ru loves stopping in the street and watching the tractors and diggers go by... we get a fair few on these tiny streets, specially on the school run so when he saw this waiting for him after school he bounced around and couldn't wait to get it out of the box.

Perfect for any diehard digger fan, this Hydradig has every little detail that a real life Hydradig would have. Ru loves the way it spins around and that he can move the digger and get it to pick up all sorts of things...mainly his bre…

Link ~ #MySundayPhoto

Introducing our newest member.... Little Link
Named after the dude from Zelda. We've had him for two weeks now, but with Jon being in hospital I haven't found the time to write about him.
When we got him he was covered in fleas, rather skinny and had very sore eyes and a bloody nose. With a quick trip to the vet and some TLC he's doing really well.
He gets on really well with our dog Ray but has still to make a friendship with my cat Indie.

Zomlings Series 6

The Zomlings of the future are here! Zomlings Town has risen from the ground with super fast tracks crossing the skies and light shining brightly from every surface. The Zomlings of the future are funnier, rarer and more adventurous than ever. There are aliens, robots, mutants, critters… what a mixture to discover. They live in special Capsules that can fly across the skies. They also have new types of Zom-Mobiles with advanced Zom-tastic technology for extra speed!

The boys love blind bags and are always rather excited when a delivery of them turn up. They couldn't believe their eyes when this Zomling package arrived.

We were sent  A supply of packet blind bags - which includes 1 Zomling and a checklist, A supply of Zom-Mobile blind bags - which has 1 Zomling and 1 Nom-Mobile and a checklist, 3 Blister packs - Zomlings Race,Zomlings Pirates and Zomlings In the future. 1 starter pack - which includes 1 album guide, 1 metal capsule, 1 Zom-Mobile, 3 Zomlings. 1 Purple capsule.

The boys surpr…

Paddington Bear Is Back!

Paddington is heading back to the big screen on November 10th, and to celebrate the release of Paddington 2, University Games has created a range of exciting new fun filled Paddington themed games and activities for you to enjoy.

Get creative with Paddington Colour On, for hours of colouring and activity fun with everyone’s favourite bear!  With three metres of Paddingtoncolouring scenes and activities, children of all ages can join Paddingtonon his adventures.
Simply turn the easy-twist dial to reveal a new activity or colouring scene, and then twist it back when it’s time to pack away.  RRP: £7.99, available from John Lewis

The boys all love drawing and colouring in so the Colour On was a big hit with them. I love that I could just roll it out, give each of them a section and leave the colouring pencils at the end of the table and let them crack on.

There was no fighting over whose paper was whose and they happily sat their colouring in the different pictures and trying to solve the puz…

Big Ben, Back To School and Sleepy Lotion.

The start of last week I headed up to St Thomas with Jon. His back has been playing him up and he told to turn his device off as it seemed to be giving him some side effects. 5 days without it on he was still having the shakes and feeling tired.
His doctors have told him it doesn't seem to be the device thats doing so their must be an underlying issue. He's now booked into have an emergency EEG.

Whilst waiting for our train back to Kings Lynn we grabbed some lunch from Wabi's. We've been together 7 years and this was our first sushi date. He's still begging me to take him to Yo Sushi.

Tuesday was Rupert's last day at his old nursery and he came home and did his biggest line up yet. He's not fond of goodbyes and I think this was his was with coping. He didn't allow me to get rid of it and all the boys had to eat their breakfast around it on Wednesday morning.

All four boys starts back at school on Wednesday. Noah headed off into Year 5, the Twins starte…