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Num Noms Series 4 // Review.

To celebrate the new release of Num Noms series 4 we were sent...
The brand new Num Noms magazine, Sweet Sampler Lunch box, and the Frozen yogurt starter pack.

Ru adores Num Noms so was over the moon to see all the new ones.  He was also pretty taken with the magazine and couldn't wait to get the toy camera out of the packaging.

The magazine was packed full of goodies and had lots of activities to do inside. I'm sure this will be a magazine that Ru will want to buy again and again.   After Ru had finished looking at the mag and playing with the camera he moved on to the Frozen Yogurt Starter Pack RRP £11.95.

In the pack was - Mango Sherbet, Sprinkles Froyo, Razzy Froyo  and  Orange Drop Gloss-up. Along with a tray and spoon.

Ru's favourite was Razzy Froyo.

He then moved on to opening up the Sweet Sampler Lunch Box   RRP £17.99.

Inside he got - Orange Crunch, Violet Contessa, Madelyn Macaron, Tia Tea-Time, Sugar Créme, Nilla Shake, Berries N Créme, Hottie Chocolate, Confetti…

Four Boys In The Wood

We got out the house today by taking the boys off to Dersingham woods. We love it there, it's become our favourite place to walk the dog and we drive through it twice a week taking Ru to nursery.
We haven't done much this week due to some health issues that I'm trying to deal with, so it was nice to get some fresh air and see they boys running and jumping about in nature.

When we said we're off to the woods today, their first question was.... can we climb trees? For boys who have never really show much interest in climbing trees it was a bit of a oh where did that come from moment but we said of course!
As soon as they were out the van they went off on a hunt to find the perfect tree to climb. Noah thought he was doing really well until he turned around and saw that Alex was further up than him.

Even Ru had a go.

After they had finished climbing trees we went off to find the local cows. They weren't in their usual spot, so it took a little time. We eventually foun…

Fun Summer Holiday Activities The Whole Family Will Enjoy

The summer holidays are here, and it can be difficult to find things to do for the entire six weeks that all the family will enjoy. Even if you break it up with a holiday somewhere, you’ll still be faced with endless cries of ‘I’m bored!’ and the need to get out of the house.  Rather than focusing on just child-friendly activities, why not try activities that are suitable for the whole family so that parents can have some fun too. Here are some great suggestions for fun summer activities for families. The new ways to watch filmsInevitably, you’ll be faced with some rainy days, and when the TV becomes too much, or you feel like you just need to escape for a few hours, there’s always the cinema. Cinema has come a long way in recent years with films being a much more immersive experience.  You can choose from 3D, IMAX, superscreen and even incredible 4DX as a more exciting way to watch a film and make it a more shared experience.  On dry days, you can take a look at outdoor cinema screenings…

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