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- Portugal -

Back in August, the younger three minibeasts all had their very first trip abroad. We flew off to Portugal, for a massive family holiday.  We went with my parents, my brother and his family and my cousin.
We re-booked a villa that we had hired 10 years ago and surprisingly nothing much had changed, apart from we took up more space this time thanks to the additions of all the new children.

The villa was in Moledo,  which is in the North of Portugal. Filled with beautiful beaches and friendly people

Having our own villa meant we could do what we liked and when we liked.  The boys all need feeding pretty much non stop or they get hangry, so not having to wait for set meal times worked for us.
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There was a local supermarket that we all enjoyed visiting, espec…

- Christmas Wreath -

Last weekend I went to a Christmas Wreath workshop over in Swaffham It cost £40.

The workshop was completely full, some people had never made a wreath before and some were returning crafters.
We were shown step by step how to make our own wreaths and the instructions were really easy to follow.

We started off running the wire around our copper wreath and then covering it completely in moss before we started on any of the greenery.

We had a big selection of foliage to choose from, we could use as much or as little as we wanted. If at any point you got stuck the florists would come over and lend a hand or talk you through how to correct it, or where to add some more foliage.
Once we had all finished with the greenery we were then walked through the next step...Decorating our wreaths. We could each pick 12 decorations and a ribbon. Then it was up to us what we picked and where we placed them.

I was really happy with my final piece, once all my decorations were in place I then went a bit…