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Silent Sunday #2


We are currently away in Suffolk. Staying in a converted barn on a working farm! Very gorgeous but with stone flooring not very toddler safe, but the boys are learning not to be tooo crazy here as they could end up with an "ouchie"
Even with the rain pouring down we've had a great day. 
We went out this morning to find a local supermarket (about 40 minutes away) as we were running low on supplies, once stocked up we headed out for lunch in a nice little pub called the swan. 
After we all enjoyed a lovely lunch we came back to the barn to let the kids chill out. Just before bedtime we decided to go on a muddy puddle walk to wear the twins out as the previous night they were still bouncing off the walls at 10pm 

We all had fun splashing in the puddles and spotting all the tractors.  We even found a random invisible footpath! 

Alex fell flat into a puddle but the little wildling got straight back up and ran on to jump in the next massive puddle he could see.
Oscar picked up some su…

6yr old melt down!

Every time Noah stays over at his dads he ends up having a melt down a couple of days after he's returned.
Today was that day, usually it's him crying over silly things but today saw him turn his crying into shouting and yelling and hitting out. 
I caught him hitting Alex because he wouldn't move out his way and whilst we were out he started shouting at me saying how horrible I was to him and how I loved the other boys more and how I never let him have what he wants - usually this is not allowing him to eat junk food and staying up late play over 18 video games!
I try my hardest to make sure the boys have a nice healthy diet with some treats  and make sure they aren't playing or watching things they shouldn't be
When Noah goes to his dad all he seems to eat is sweets and take aways and he's allowed to play any video game he likes such as UFC - ultimate fighting championships. Black ops down and grand theft auto 
All of which I think are an 18 - all very inappropriat…

Wicked Wednesday #2

All because we were out of apples! 

Bocketts farm

I took all four boys to the farm today, I nearly didn't due to over thinking things but I was a good mummy and just got on with it! 
This was the twins first proper visit to a farm and they loved every bit, they even fed the goats....... something I thought they'd run away from 

Ru had his 16 weeks jabs this morning so he spent the whole afternoon sleeping away

Noah had fun, he's been off since he got back from his dads so it was nice to take him out and see him have fun 

We watched a pig race but none of the piggies we picked came first, but all had fun cheering them on.
We had a nice picnic after seeing all the animals. I bought the boys new fruit tubs from Asda for a £1 each they were all very pleased with and didn't want to let go of them!

And a snazzy little lunch bag to put them in with the rest of our yummies.

Not bad for £2 thank you Asda :) 
To finish the day off I let them run off their extra energy in the play barn.
I highly recommend bocketts farm to everyone big an…

Point + shoot - house hunting stress

So this weekend Jon, Ru and myself travelled down to East Kent to view a couple of houses we had fallen in love with over the internet - they had completely catfished  us, it was a complete disappointment but we are happy that we went as now we can cross them and the village off our list as we just didn't get the feeling.
The twins had a nice morning at Nanas and gramps house. The afternoon was spent making lists of what we need to do in our house and even more house hunting over the net.  I didn't take many pictures.
Sunday I left Jon painting our house and took the 3 littles to my parents.  We had lunch then went on a walk into town

I attempted to get the twins hair cut 
I failed miserably! They screamed the barbers down and I had to take them away!  Curly messy locks live to see another day
Ru also started sleeping in a love to dream swaddle

I was worried he wouldn't like it, but he's taken very well to it and it truly is magic! 

Silent Sunday #1

4 whole days!

After 8 months of no over night stays Noah is off to his dads for four nights!
He woke up in tears this morning crying about how much he was going to miss us and he was worried about who was going to be ru's big brother whilst he was gone! 
I'm all for Noah spending time with his dad and his other family, but leaving it 8 months since having him to stay is just not on! He was the one that fought for the over night contact only to pack it in when the travelling got too much for him (he lives in Nottingham we live in surrey)  He sees Noah once a month give or take for a few hours and that's it!  Noah doesn't know if he's coming or going sometimes 😔 
I know he'll have fun when he's there but it's a constant stress for me until he's back home as I have no contact with him when he's away, I don't even get a text to say they have arrived safely! 
This time I know the twins will kick off too as they hate it when Noah isn't around, and they are too y…

Easy peasy cupcakes

Having a new baby and toddler twins I rarely get a spare moment, but when that rare moment shows it self I grab it and do some baking! 
My never fail cupcakes always go down a treat and are super easy to knock up! 

All you need is
🍰 4oz self raising flour
🍰 4oz caster sugar
🍰 4oz of butter
🍰  two eggs lightly beaten
🍰 dash of milk 
🍰 choc chips - optional 
Mix the sugar and butter together until light and fluffy, then slowly add the lightly beaten eggs. Add the flour and fold in with a metal spoon. Only add the milk if the mixture doesn't look wet enough. Then if you are using choc chips add them now. 

Spoon the mixture out into the cases and pop in the over at 180•c for 20 minutes until golden brown 

Once baked leave them too cool them you can begin to decorate! 

I use pre made vanilla frosting as it saves me time but you could make your own  Using icing sugar, butter and vanilla essence! 

Enjoy :) x

Wicked Wednesday

The boys decided they would dress themselves in their old baby gear! 

The four letter word that fills me with dread!

Mummy can we go to the PARK?!?!?!?

Such an innocent word shouldn't fill me with dread! Alarms bells just go off four boys one mummy one massive park.......something is bound to go wrong, ambulances are going to be called! 
I hate to admit it but I have never taken all four boys to the park by myself!!     Why you ask?  Well I just over worry about what could happen and what's bound to happen. Really in a normal world (not my over active imagination) the only thing that would happen would be the boys having fun!
I'll happily take them if I know there is going to be other people to help be my eyes and ears.  Not that I need them I just feel safer when there are, even when I have others around I'm always fine and can take control of them and nothing bad happens it's always the other kids falling over scraping their knees or trying to jump off the top of the slide! 

Did I take them to the park before Rupert was here?  Yes! Doesn't Rupert do anything other than sleep?  No Wh…

Butlins - Bognor Regis

Me and the boys auntie took Noah and his cousin Isla to butlins for the day and left the littles with my mum. 
It was a great day, we went to the circus and both kids sat there in awe with their little mouths hanging open, I probably was too, it really was amazing! Best bit of the day for me.

The kids enjoyed all the little rides they went on 

We didn't get to see the scooby doo or mister maker show which upset the kids but we didn't really check before hand what would and wouldn't be on! Next time we will end up going for the whole weekend so we can catch a few shows. 

We did catch part of the barney show, a little of the Titan the robot show - the kids ran away crying (mainly Noah) saying he was too scary. At the end of the day we also saw the fireman Sam show.
We ended our afternoon with a couple of hours swimming and then having dinner in papa johns, where the kids got to make their own pizzas 

Was a great day out and I'm looking forward to going back!