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Our Garden in Bloom

Thankfully the weather has been amazing during the lockdown, so we've been spending a lot of time in the garden. I don't normally tend to do much in the garden as it's usually Jons domain but this year I've decided to really get stuck in, the tulip bulbs that I planted last year in a bid to do something came back to life at the start of lockdown and they really encouraged me to get out and get muddy again.

Jon has always been a keen gardener and when we moved to Norfolk one of the first things he bought were his polytunnels!  He is definitely green-thumbed, Last year due to our breakdown in our marriage nothing much was done and he didn't grow any veg, only what sprouted from the old compost that he chucked in one of the polytunnels and the house was on the market we turned the garden back into just grass mainly to help it appeal to more people.
This year with us working on our relationship and the house no longer on the market, Jon has been back in the tunnels, b…
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Crafting With Viking.

The boys and I were invited along to a special Saturday morning lockdown zoom craft event with Viking and a few other bloggers, Viking kindly sent us everything we could possibly need to create the crafts that we were going to be shown how to create.
Looking at the big box of supplies, we were all wondering what we'd be making.
Before the session, we were told what we'd be making, so I tried to be semi-prepared and have all the supplies ready for we started crafting. 

The tutorial was led by Jane from over at, Jane was going to be talking us through how to make;  Fire breathing dragons, Chocolate bubble wrap and parcel wrap feet.
The supplies I had to hand were loo rolls, tissue paper, coloured paper, pens, tape, chocolate bars, bubble wrap, paper straws, glue sticks, planner stickers, a pair of scissors and most importantly cleaning supplies such as hand sanitizer, surface spray and hand soap to make sure all those nasty germs are kept away. 

We star…

Lansinoh launches unique gift sets to support mums from bump to birth

Gift sets designed to take the hassle out of shopping and provide all the breastfeeding essentials needed for the hospital and post-birthLansinoh has been supporting breastfeeding mums for over 35 years

Lansinoh, who has been supporting breastfeeding mums for over 35 years, has created a range of new and unique gift sets, designed to provide a fuss-free way to shop for all breastfeeding essentials, from bump to birth.
Available from 22nd May, the range includes three options: First Week Essentials, Mums Favourites and Hospital Bag Kit. Each kit includes all the essentials that mums and mums-to-be may need for breastfeeding, from nipple cream, through to nursing pads and milk storage bags. Lisa Craven, UK Marketing Manager, at Lansinoh, said: “These product kits are inspired by mums for mums, and are designed to help take the hassle out of shopping.
“We wanted to make it easier for mums-to-be to feel organised and prepared, as well as offer peace of mind that they have everything they need…

Ru's Butterfly Garden

For Ru's 6th birthday, his Nana and Gramps bought him an insect lore butterfly garden with ten caterpillars. All the other three boys have had their own so it was nice for Ru to be able to do it at a time where he'd be really interested in them.

Over the past few months he has developed a fear of bees and fly's which has increased in the last few weeks where he has been scared to go into the garden alone in case he sees one, so we were hoping that this may help break the fear of insects and bees.... fingers crossed. 

As soon as his caterpillars arrived he was taken with them, though as soon as they started to double in size he wasn't as keen, but still took the occasional glance at them when he was in the kitchen.

Watching the hairy caterpillars turn into their chrysalides did amaze Ru and it was lovely to watch his face watching them as we transferred them from the pots to the butterfly garden.
Once the butterflies finally started to hatch he was even more amazed! Thoug…

Beach Day

The week before half term we decided to ditch the home learning and all go for a walk to the beach, to get some fresh air. to clear are heads and hope the boys didn't moan as much as they did the last time I made them walk to the beach.
We weren't planning on staying long, but the beach was pretty empty, the sea was warm enough for me even to dip my toes in and the weather was amazing we decided to stay a while.

We hadn't really gone prepared enough, we packed one hand towel to dry feet off on the off chance they wanted to paddle, juice for the boys and a flask of coffee for Jon and I.
Once there, they practically dived in fully clothed straight away! That one hand towel definitely hand its work cut out for it,
It was nice to see them away from their games and all having fun, there was no moaning or arguing and they all played nicely as brothers, they even all made sure Ru was safe and no one was being left out....even Noah cracked a few smiles, which doesn't happen v…

- Lockdown Diaries -

Thought I'd share another lockdown catch up.
The boys have been enjoying their time at home to the fullest, screen time is pretty high, but they get all their work done in the morning and the rest of the day is up to them. I do try to take them for a walk around the village a couple of times a week and I also get them out in the garden helping out with the veg we're growing.

During clap for our key workers, we decided to take out the pots and pans and make some extra noise and to Alex's delight he broke a spoon he was banging so loudly, now it has become a weekly tradition to see who can break the next spoon! I'll be out of wooden spoons come the end of the lockdown.

We got crafty making posters for a surprise video that my sister in law and I decided we'd plan for my dads 60th. We got other family members involved and we all made a letter poster to spell out Happy 60th Birthday.
He was very impressed with our efforts. Lockdown birthday's are so much more thou…