Monday, 23 October 2017

Shape and Sculpt Skinny Jeans from SimplyBe US

I live in skinny jeans and have done since I was teenager ... they suit me best and make me feel good.
One thing that I have found is some of them don't really do me any favours.

I no longer have my skinny size 8 teenage body, I have a body of a 31 year old mum whose made four boys...two at once!

My body really has been put through its paces and having jeans that offer a little extra support is something I'm always on the look out.

So when I was contacted by SimplyBe US to see if I fancied trying some of their clothes I was more than excited to say yes.

I've never shopped from SimplyBe and was very surprised by the large range of items they had.
I thought SimplyBe was for sizes over 14 so I was pleasantly surprised to see that they cater for all shapes and sizes, from size 6 up to size 28.
(US sizes are slightly different to UK, so remember that when ordering.)

Detailing and control panel. 

After browsing the website for a while I decided I would try out their Shape & Sculpt jeans.

From $67.49 to $67.50
These premium Shape and Sculpt skinny jeans are engineered with multidirectional stretch denim to respond to your curves and retain their shape and contain Tencel to provide ultimate comfort. Featuring a comfortable high rise with hidden Magisculpt control panel to help flatten your waist and hold you in. 
Designed with intelligent seaming to define and lift your bottom making them the ultimate must-have jeans.
Machine washable.

These seemed like my dream pair of jeans!

I pretty much sat by my door eagerly waiting for them,  as soon as the postman handed them to me a week or so later I ran upstairs to try them on.

I was slightly worried they wouldn't fit, but to my surprise they really were the perfect fit.
They held in my mum tum and lifted my bum.
They made me feel amazing!

They do the job so well that I feel comfortable enough to wear tighter tops with them.

Usually I live in baggy jumpers just to hide my mum tum, I know it's not awful as I think it is but it' is something I really struggle with. 
These jeans have really help boost my mum-tum confidence.

The first time I wore them on the school run, one of the other mums asked if I had lost weight!
They obviously do what I was hoping for.
They go high enough to hide any muffin top and tummy rolls.
I'm pretty much over the moon with these!

I'm planning on buying more in different colours just to keep me going for a while!

**Thank you to SimplyBe US for gifting me these magical jeans!

Halloween Nails With Leighton Denny

If you're after shiny witch claws this Halloween then look no further than the Leighton Denny metallic range!

Leighton Denny Expert Nails has you covered with three perfect shades…

  MANEATER (NEW!) - A wet-look glossy black.

  CAUGHT RED HANDED - Iridescent red.

  MISS BEHAVIN – Midnight blue.

 PLUS – to sharpen those claws – THE AWARD WINNING CRYSTAL NAIL FILE!

I was sent Caught Red Handed (RRP £12) and Miss Behavin (RRP £12) to try out and it was instant love!

The red is beautiful and truly perfect for Halloween.
It looks as though liquid gold has been dropped into the bottle to give it that perfect shiny reflection.

Miss Behavin is perfect for those who want to add a little bit of mysterious glamour to their nails.
Lovely and shiny with hints of shimmering particles.
Not only do I love this Ru has become a fan too and is always asking for his nails to be painted with this colour|!

When painting your claws make sure to put a base coat on, as these colours will stain your nails.
Leighton Denny recommend two coats, but you can get away with one coat, as it's still just as shiny as two coats.

For more info check out Leighton Denny's website

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Transformers The Last Knight 1:10 Jumbo RC Bumblebee

Bumblebee is Optimus Primes most trusted ally. 
Now it's up to you and Bumblebee to save the world from the evil Decepticons. 
This 2 channel radio controlled jumbo size Bumblebee has full movement and is 40cm in length.
 It is a perfect replica from Transformers: The Last Knight.

The boys are all a little bit obsessed with Transformers and when I heard about this awesome Jumbo RC Bumblebee from Simba Smoby Toys I knew they would love it.
With a challenge attached to reviewing it, I knew they would be up for it.

As soon as Noah saw the car he was trying to think of all different sorts of tracks for it to do.

In the end we took full advantage of our large kitchen. 
We placed a few obstacles in its way and a track that went all the way round bypassing different things on its way and one we hadn't planned on ..... Little Link the terrifying tiny tiger trying to attack Bumblebee on his way round.

Noah and I both had a few goes at seeing who could do it the fastest and I was winning until Jon came and joined in the fun and out did us both.

The car is made well and no amount of crashing into the wall has ruined its shell .... yet.
The controls are nice and easy to use, even Rupert can operate it.
It does whoever need an awful lot of batteries, so if buying this for a Christmas present I highly recommend you make sure you have a big supply of batteries handy.
The car needs 6 and the control needs and extra 2.

Noah on one of his missions!

Bumblebee is available only from Argos for £29.99