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Our Garden in Bloom

Thankfully the weather has been amazing during the lockdown, so we've been spending a lot of time in the garden. I don't normally tend to do much in the garden as it's usually Jons domain but this year I've decided to really get stuck in, the tulip bulbs that I planted last year in a bid to do something came back to life at the start of lockdown and they really encouraged me to get out and get muddy again.

Jon has always been a keen gardener and when we moved to Norfolk one of the first things he bought were his polytunnels!  He is definitely green-thumbed, Last year due to our breakdown in our marriage nothing much was done and he didn't grow any veg, only what sprouted from the old compost that he chucked in one of the polytunnels and the house was on the market we turned the garden back into just grass mainly to help it appeal to more people.
This year with us working on our relationship and the house no longer on the market, Jon has been back in the tunnels, b…
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- Lockdown Diaries -

Thought I'd share another lockdown catch up.
The boys have been enjoying their time at home to the fullest, screen time is pretty high, but they get all their work done in the morning and the rest of the day is up to them. I do try to take them for a walk around the village a couple of times a week and I also get them out in the garden helping out with the veg we're growing.

During clap for our key workers, we decided to take out the pots and pans and make some extra noise and to Alex's delight he broke a spoon he was banging so loudly, now it has become a weekly tradition to see who can break the next spoon! I'll be out of wooden spoons come the end of the lockdown.

We got crafty making posters for a surprise video that my sister in law and I decided we'd plan for my dads 60th. We got other family members involved and we all made a letter poster to spell out Happy 60th Birthday.
He was very impressed with our efforts. Lockdown birthday's are so much more thou…

Sleep Well Milk // Review

The twins religiously have a cup of milk before bed, but Ru has always been a bit hit and miss with it, Noah avoids it like the plague unless he's trying to please me to get something out of me.
Bed time usually goes pretty smoothly, we still stick to the bath and bed routine, my aim is usually to have them in bed by 7 ish. The twins settle down after a few giggles, Noah goes to bed by 8.30 / 9 ish. Ru on the other hand will go to his bed at the same time as the twins and I'll have to sit at the end of his bed for normally around an hour waiting for him to drop off to only have him wake up at 2 am to get into my bed and be fully awake by 4.30.
This has become pretty normal and we've kinda got used to it, but when I heard about Sleep Well Milk I was very up for giving it a go.

The Sleep Well difference ......
JERSEY MILKEnriching and delicious, Jersey Milk enjoys 20% more protein and calcium than milk from other breeds. It not only tastes great but, being more nutritious, it do…

- Exploring where we live -

We have lived in Heacham coming on four years now and still haven't really adventured off the beaten track and we usually jump in the car to go to Wolferton for our usual woodland walks, but with only using the car for essential travel I took to the internet to see what was about locally and within walking distance and surprisingly there is a place just down the road called the Millenium Woods and I've even driven right by the entrance and still didn't know it existed.

So after a week of just staying in the house and using the garden to play in, I decided it was time to head off for a little adventure, rather than visit the ducks we'd walk the other way and find this mini woodland and its famous cockerel.

Ru was giving an explorers kit for his birthday, so he packed that up and was determined to find some creepy crawlies but unfortunately all we found was one dead worm, far too many bees and wasps for his liking and half a dead mouse. So we're going to have anothe…