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...Crazy Chicken Lady...

Soooo my chicken count has gone from 3 to 7 in just over two months! Once I had my original 3 I just couldn't help but want more, so here I am now 7 chickens in and completely chicken crazy and wishing for that basket full of rainbow coloured eggs!

So let me introduce the new ones...
Luna and Hermione who are Lavender Araucana's and they lay blue eggs. These are pure breeds and will most likely stop laying during the colder months, but that's alright with us, eggs are just a bonus.
We've had these two just over a month now and Luna started laying on Saturday.  Her little pullet egg was totally worth the wait and I cannot wait for Hermione to join the layers club. She enjoys singing the egg song for Luna so I'm guessing it won't be long till she's part of the club. We did try to get them to coexist with the original three but it just wasn't to be. Coraline and Betsy full on attacked them and it was far too stressful for everyone, so we quickly knocked u…

... Back To School With Spiral Backpacks ...

It's finally here!  Spiral's Back to school collection is ready to keep your kids ahead of the pack this term.

Noah was recently sent one of Spiral's superly cool backpacks ready for his return to Year 6! He's truly going to be rocking his back to school look with this awesome Galaxy Saturn design OG backpack. RRP £24.99
Spiral is an eye-catching alternative to the outdated idea that backpacks are simply an item to carry your day to day belongings.  Spiral backpacks are a canvas to make a statement about our character – and make sure we look good doing so!

Bag Features
- Hard wearing premium Polyester fabric 
- Reinforced and adjustable back straps 
- Additional back padding 
- Spacious front pocket 
- Media port 
- Grab handle 
- Custom Spiral labelling

Interior features: - Large, 18L capacity  - Hidden zip pouch  - Inner laptop / book divider
Dimensions - 29 x 14 x 44 cm

As soon as Noah saw the bag he was in love, he's had the same backpack since Year 4 so he was over the moon to…

... Puppy Dog Pals Toy Collection ...

If your children adore the show Puppy Dog Pals over on Disney Jr they're going to love the brand new Puppy Dog Pal toy collection!
We were recently sent a twitter party box filled to the brim with Puppy Dog Pal toys. The boys couldn't believe their eyes!  

I thought I'd let you have a sneak peak ahead of the Puppy Dog Pal twitter party that we are part of on the 15th August at 1pm.
Inside our box we had...
Figures on The Go
RRP £12.99 Load your figure and their vehicle into the launcher, press down on the paw-print and watching them zoom off!

Puppy Love Plush and Pet & Talk Plush Pals. RRP £16.99 & £9.99
The super soft and cuddly Puppy Love Plush are they perfect canine companion. Their large size will have kids playing and cuddling for hours.
Press the Pet & Talk Plush to activate the fun head bobbing movement and hear over 10 sounds and phrases from the show.

Deluxe Figure Set RRP £29.99
The perfect set for the ultimate fan! All your favourite characters and ac…

Beach Days

The start of the summer holidays hit us like a bus and we've all struggled to adjust to a new routine, so last Friday we got up had breakfast then headed out the door. No time for tantrums or any sort of moaning, we walked from our house down to the beach.
As it was early the beach was pretty empty and the tourists were all still in their holiday homes. So it seemed we had the whole stretch to ourselves.
The boys had a paddle in the sea and enjoyed jumping over the waves, once they decided they were too wet and started getting a bit grumpy I decided to treat them all to morning ice creams.
A bit of a sugar pick me up and a run along the sea they were happy to take on my challenge of finding the smallest shells they could possibly see! That kept them busy well over 2 hours.
Here are a couple of photos from our morning.