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No Spend Challenge

So with July looming around the corner I though I would try the No Spend Challenge.

I'm going to give it my all and try my best not to spend money on random crap we don't actually need. Obviously ill be buying our food, but  I will be mega strict and stick to the list and meal plans.
No off the list buying.

Ill probably go back to shopping online for our food, as that helps reduce the unwanted rubbish falling into the trolley.
It will be interesting to see how much I have saved at the end of the month and see if I struggled at all.
I have a feeling I'll struggle once the money comes in for a few days as I always suffer with 'ooooooooo I have money I neeeeeed to spend it' once I get over that I should be fine.
These past few months my money has been blown within a few days of it landing in my bank and then at the end of the month I have no memory of what the money went on. Whether it was useful or not.
I probably need to join Shopaholic anonymous!
Have you tried t…

#WickedWednesday || Dancing In The Rain

So when the heavens open my boys don't run and hide like normal people, they strip off and start dancing.
Wild, Young and Free.
The mother in me wanted to grab them all in and tell them to wrap up but the child in me let them be.
They soon all came running when the thunder crashed.

Book Review || The Lost Smile

The Lost Smile illustrates what we know to be true: Children's smiles are powerful and infectious, inducing a 'smile back' effect on those around them.
Authored by award winning children’s poet, Joseph Coelho, and illustrated by Sheena Dempsey.

We were very kindly sent a copy of 'The Lost Smile' the boys were drawn to it as soon as it came out the envelope. The story is short and sweet and the illustrations are very cute.
You follow a little boy named Kyle on the hunt for his families missing smiles..

He packs up his bag with all his smile searching tools, A toothbrush for brushing up smiles. A book on how to identify smiles. A magnifying glass to find small smiles. Sunglasses to protect against bright smiles. A feature duster to tickle out hiding smiles. A camera to capture smiles.

Kyle makes up some LOST posters and sets about on his mission. He even takes a trip to the moon.

The boys were very taken with the story and when I asked why Kyle was searching for his …

Britmums Live 2016

This weekend I attended my second Britmums Live. I went last year, but I felt so far out of my comfort zone that I couldn't really enjoy myself. Don't get my wrong, I got steaming drunk at the BiBs and ended up losing a goodie bag, but when the alcohol wasn't running through my veins, I stood around feeling a bit lost.

This time around I felt more confident in myself as well as myself as a blogger. I also knew a few girls who were going and I was travelling up with Serena. So the nerves never really touched the sides.
Serena and I decided to stay in a hotel on the Friday as we'd be able to attend the Fringe party in Camden and be able to get to the event nice and early and not have to faff around with the trains in the morning.
We stayed at the Barbican Thistle. I think I was expecting it to be a lot posher than it was, but for an over night stay it was fine and did what it needed to do. The first room we got given smelt strongly of smoke even though it was a non smok…


A recent survey commissioned by The Co-operative Childcare found that 81% of parents believe that children’s experiences at pre-school can affect their social skills in later life. 

The survey conducted by Censuswide revealed that although academic subjects like reading and writing were of high importance to parents, social and physical skills like riding a bike were also highly rated. 
Responses from more than 1,000 parents with children aged between two-and-a-half and five years’ old, discovered that over a third of parents would have preferred to have learnt how to ride a bike at a younger age over learning a skill such as reading or writing.
Almost half of the parents surveyed said they want their children to learn to ride a bike while they are still at pre-school and 42% confessed to worrying that their pre-schooler would struggle to make new friends in a new environment.
Mike Abbott, Group General Manager at The Co-operative Childcare, which operates 44 nurseries across the UK, said…

Raving Mad Parents Set To Shun The Sun and Sea For Headline Acts and Muddy Fields This Summer

Has Britain gone raving mad?
70 per cent of parents admit they’d rather ditch their sun loungers and bikinis in place of wellies and muddy fields at a UK festival with their kids.

As the nation’s biggest festival gets ready to welcome it’s revellers, a survey by iconic fashion doll Bratz, has discovered that seven out of ten parents are keen to head to a festival with their kids instead of on a traditional summer holiday. And it’s no surprise that Glasto was the pick of the bunch with one in five (22 per cent) of parents keen to attend.

Over half of parents (54 per cent) felt their was real benefit to talking their children to a festival, one in five (20 per cent) felt they represent great value for money and are less expensive than a family holiday abroad, one in four (22 per cent) think they are good opportunities to share music tastes with their children, helping to create memories of a lifetime. And one in ten (11 per cent) feel festivals less stressful to organise and prepare for.

... Friendship ...

I've never found it easy to make new friends. My social awkwardness and shyness always tends to get in the way.
So when moving to a brand new place, away from all the friends I had just made at Noah's school and all my old school friends I thought I was going to be pretty lonely.
I wasn't dreading that to much to be honest, as I knew I would still see Jenny at least once a month. If contact was lost with Jenny, I would probably find a dark hole and go live there for the rest of my days.

When Noah started his new school, I thought maybe I could make a new friend or two.
But as I'm sure you all know, it is RIDICULOUSLY hard it is to break into a group of mums who have had a friendship going for the last few years. It's not going to happen easily.

To be honest I've always found it a lot more easier making friends with guys than girls....there's always less drama that way and they're less judgey.
I met Serena through Instagram  ....  little did we know tha…

#WickedWednesday || Nope

When you just want to hide away but your mother sits you in your highchair and makes you eat dinner.

~ Benefit Cosmetics Haul ~

So last week I won £400 in John Lewis vouchers for taking part in a Britmums linky challenge.
As soon as I knew they were for John Lewis I knew I wanted to buy some new makeup. I've never been a massive makeup person, not that I don't wear it, I wear it every day all day but I never gone mad buying it.
Before kids when I worked up at Canary Wharf my go to makeup was always Benefit. But then the boys all started popping out like ping pong balls and my makeup budget became a bit sparse, So I now when I need to top up my makeup basket I will buy whatever I can find in a local drugstore that's on offer or whatever bargains I can find on Amazon.

Being impatient and wanting to spend my voucher as soon as it landed on my doorstep.
I went online and packed it full of some mac cosmetics as I thought oh wouldn't it be great to try something new that probably won't suit me and be a complete waste of money.
After staring at the basket for what seemed like hours I changed my…

Keeping Your Bedroom Cool During The Hotter Months

I've teamed up with the guys over at Yorkshire Linen to help give you a couple of tips on how to keep your bedroom cool during the summer months.

Linen bedspreads are a great way to keep cool in bed.
"Linen helps you keep nice and cosy in the winter but it also allows you to keep cool when it's hot! Linen is a highly absorbent, temperature regulating fabric that becomes softer after every wash! Best of all, some studies have suggested that linen bedding can improve sleep! A widely quoted study from the University of Milan found that you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake up in a better mood after sleeping on linen sheeting. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer — linen is a breathable fabric which can wick away moisture, unlike lesser polyester blend sheets."

One thing I do every summer, is keep the curtains drawn and the windows open. Which helps keeps the room nice and airy.
It helps keeps the sun from warming up the room, so that when it comes to bedtim…

Coffee, Pokemon, Shopping and Chicken Pox

So this week I have been dragged into the world of Pokémon by Jon. I say dragged I more than willing to enter.
I didn't think I would like it as much as I do. I'm normally a bash any kind of button and games player and I've never really gotten on with the games where you have to follow a story and hunt things out.
I've gotten so into Pokémon that my blog has been put to the side!  I sat on it for two hours straight the other day and I only stopped because the boys were telling me it was dinner time.
So now Pokémon is restricted to only being played once all the boys are in bed. Which has come in handy since the football has taken over the TV.

You may or may not have seen this picture on my Instagram at the start of the week, with the caption of  "Ru's hand washing obsession is sure to flood my house if I don't keep an eye on it!"
Well half an hour later and the downstairs toilet was flooded, I went into the hall to find him trying to stop the stool f…

App Review || Teddy Passport

We've been trying out the cool new Teddy Passport App.

The twins take their sheepdog teddies that we go from Bluestone EVERYWHERE. To bed, To nursery, On the school run, To the beach, To the toilet. Anywhere the twins go, the dogs go.
Alex's is named Daddy Dog and Oscar's is named Baby Dog.

When I heard of the Teddy Passport I knew it would be great for the boys and they would love stamping the passport with all the places that the dogs go!
Its really easy to set up and just like a real passport once you've submitted your details you cannot change them. So make sure you get them right first time!!

You also can't double stamp in one day. The twins love getting the app up on my phone and making sure they stamp in whenever we go somewhere with the dogs. Its been such a good hit with them, even Noah has downloaded it on to his tablet for his teddy.
If you have a child who has a favourite teddy they take everywhere then this is the app for you! The summer holidays are…

Review || Little Party Parcels

Birthday parties and party bags go hand in hand. Yet I still have a slight hate for going out and buying them. I can only ever find junk to pop in them and I just feel as though I'm giving over a bag of rubbish for another parent just to chuck away as soon as they get home.
Party bags is one thing I've never really thought about finding online until recently. Why not buy party bags and goodies off line? You can buy everything and anything online.

The Little Party Parcels are great for sorting out all your party bag needs! You can buy pre filled bags, or you can buy bags and fillers of your own choice. They have different themes and bags to suit different sorts of parties. All of which range in price. There certainly is something for every sort of budget!!

I was sent a box filled to the brim with exciting goodies from the guys over at Little Party Parcels to see what I thought.
First up is Super Hero Pre-filled Party Bag 90p each Party bag, Super hero mask, Stickers, Notebook…