Monday 20 June 2016

~ Benefit Cosmetics Haul ~

So last week I won £400 in John Lewis vouchers for taking part in a Britmums linky challenge.

As soon as I knew they were for John Lewis I knew I wanted to buy some new makeup.
I've never been a massive makeup person, not that I don't wear it, I wear it every day all day but I never gone mad buying it.

Before kids when I worked up at Canary Wharf my go to makeup was always Benefit.
then the boys all started popping out like ping pong balls
and my makeup budget became a bit sparse,
So I now
when I need to top up my makeup basket I will buy whatever I can find in a local drugstore that's on offer
or whatever bargains I can find on Amazon.

The Benefit counter after my make over.

Being impatient and wanting to spend my voucher as soon as it landed on my doorstep.

I went online and packed it full of some mac cosmetics as I thought oh wouldn't it be great to try something new that probably won't suit me and be a complete waste of money.

After staring at the basket for what seemed like hours
I changed my mind.
I made a cup of coffee and sat down to watch some makeup videos on YouTube,
after a while I still couldn't really make up my mind.
I gave Serena a text and she said it would make more sense to go along to Bluewater and have a proper look at all the make up counters and match it properly.

So this morning we headed off to Bluewater geared up for another girlie shopping trip.

There was no mac counter in John Lewis so I had to re jig my want list.
I checked out Urban Decay and had some foundation popped on me, along with some contouring.
Serena gave me her disapproval look so I knew it wasn't right.

After we had left the Urban Decay counter in
the nicest way possible Serena told me I had massive pores and I should really sort that out before buying new foundation.

We headed off to my old favourite - the Benefit counter with the aim
to put an end to my pore dilemma by purchasing some POREfessional.

We were greeted by the lovely Melissa.
She was hands down brilliant.
Really helpful and lovely.

She started off by doing my brows.....I've never quite managed to perfect my brow game, but she did an amazing job.

She then went on to do my whole face.
Obviously please with the result I decided to get it all plus a little bit more.

So lets get down to what you really want to see.....

Lets start with the skin care..

Instant Comeback Facial Serum.
I saw this whilst Serena was having some bronzer tried out on her, and oh my god its amazing, I popped some on my hand and I haven't stopped stroking it all day (like a right proper little weirdo)
It's ├╝ber soft and smooth.

Ultra Radiance Facial Re-hydrating mist
Smells amazing and left me feeling really refreshed.

Oil Free Remove it Makeup Remover
It's Potent! Eye Cream
Total Moisture Facial Cream

Now on to the pretty stuff....

The POREfessional PRO balm - 44.0ml tube (exclusive to John Lewis)
Big Easy
Shade - 03 light / medium
Shade - light
Shade - light /medium
They're Real Mascara
Shade - Black
Watts Up!
Hervana Ultra Plush Lipgloss
Shade - 01
Sugarbomb Blusher
Hoola Bonzer

I also got some testers thrown in at the end to.

Not only are benefit products lovely their packaging is always pleasing to the eye!

Now I know this is a pretty big makeup haul and ended up costing a small fortune, if I hadn't had won the competition I would have never ever ever eveeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr spent that amount of money in
my life on myself!!

So thank you to Britmums again.
Also thank you to Melissa for doing a great job on my face.

I'll let you all know how I get on with my new goodies.


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