Monday 6 June 2016

Father's Day Gift Guide || Island Homewares

With Fathers Day just around the corner, I thought I'd share some gift ideas with you.
You can find all of these over on

I've tried show a varied price range, as I know not everyone's budget is the same. 

This No.1 Dad mug is £5.99

This mini drone is super cool, Jon has it and its great fun watching it fly all over the place.
Mini Drone - £28.99
My dad is a bit of a crisp fiend and loves to dig into a pack after dinner, so this would be a great "jokey" present for him!
Junk Food Skip - £11.99

Constantly taking pictures on an IPhone, then this is the gift for them.....
3 in 1 lens set - £10.99

Another funky gift idea is this Half pint glass - £9.99

Because you cant forget the granddads, this Worlds Greatest Grandad is only £5.99

Something to realise the inner child every man has is this super cool space coaster marble run - £15.99

Saving the most expensive for last, but probably one every dad would love to have a go at building!
This build you own robot arm is £34.99

Island Homewares has more in the gift's for him section on the website, why not go over and see if anything else takes your fancy!

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