Wednesday 22 June 2016

... Friendship ...

I've never found it easy to make new friends.
My social awkwardness and shyness always tends to get in the way.

So when moving to a brand new place, away from all the friends I had just made at Noah's school and all my old school friends I thought I was going to be pretty lonely.

I wasn't dreading that to much to be honest, as I knew I would still see Jenny at least once a month.
If contact was lost with Jenny, I would probably find a dark hole and go live there for the rest of my days.

This beautiful necklace was given to me by Serena, and she has a matching one.

When Noah started his new school, I thought maybe I could make a new friend or two.

But as I'm sure you all know, it is RIDICULOUSLY hard it is to break into a group of mums who have had a friendship going for the last few years.
It's not going to happen easily.

To be honest I've always found it a lot more easier making friends with guys than girls....there's always less drama that way and they're less judgey.

I met Serena through Instagram  ....  little did we know that we were literally a 5 minute walk from door to door, or that our boys went to the same nursery!

Once we met up our friendship blossomed into what it is today.

I would probably be bored out of my mind if I hadn't met Serena, its always nice to know if you need someone, you have someone you can rely on whose only around the corner.

Also she's my first proper blogging buddy!
Its nice to be able to talk to someone who gets what your going on about, when I try and explain blogging politics to Jon he has no idea and thinks I'm going crazy.

Not only do we get on well, the boys all get along like a house on fire.
My next mission is to get Serena's hubby Mr B and Jon together and life would be great!

Why are men so stubborn when it comes to meeting new people??

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