Wednesday 1 June 2016

#WickedWednesday || Why Can't I Have An Ice Lolly For Dinner

When Rupert doesn't get a lolly for dinner, this is what happens.

This full blown tantrum included, head banging, biting, punching, plenty of screaming.
It went on for at least half an hour.
All the boys finished their dinner and left the table and Ru was still in full swing.

He eventually stopped with the aid of a baby bell.

I guess a baby bell is slightly better than a lolly for dinner.

Isn't he gorgeous :|


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  2. Indulging in the playful spirit of WickedWednesday reminds me of the joy infants find in baby teething toys. It's a delightful reminder that simple pleasures, like ice lollies, bring smiles to both young and old.

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