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#WickedWednesday || The one with the black eye

This weekend Oscar had a fight with his bed.... As you can see the bed won.
The poor boy came downstairs crying and shamefully I didn't pay too much attention, I patted him on the head and said he'd be ok and carried on with the hovering.
After that was done I looked at him and saw he had a massive bump.
Bad mum alert!
After placing some frozen fruit (frozen peas are so last year!) on his eye he was back to his happy self!
Now he's sporting his first proper war wound. 
It looks like he's been raiding my make up case.!

toTs by SmartTrike Review || Infinity Changing Bag and Joy Bunny HoodedTowel

toTs by smarTrike®, changing bags, baby bedding & more
"Motherhood In Style!
smarTrike®, the multi-award winning company, is proud to present toTs
toTs is a new and innovative category that provides practical yet fashionable solutions for parents and their newborn’s everyday needs.

toTs is passionate about providing parents with an eclectic and chic collections of high quality products that perfectly complement their style. toTs’ unique collection include a variety of premium Changing Bags, Baby Beddings and Accessories for the newest member of the family. Our wide range of products is made from the finest materials with great attention to detail.
toTs combines high quality products at affordable prices, without having to compromise your style."

I was very kindly sent the blue Joy Bunny Hooded towel  and the gorgeous Infinity changing bag  to test out.
The hooded towel is presented nicely and would make a beautiful new baby gift, its gorgeously soft and snuggly. One of Ru…

Health and Safety Poster Competition

Accident Advice Helpline are trying to highlight the importance of health and safety in the work place by inviting children to design some posters highlighting how accidents can happen and the importance on Health and safety.The competition is open to all under the age of 16!Health and Safety is an important part of any businesses work ethic and it is a prevalent issue for everyone as each and every year thousands of people suffer accidents and ill-health while at work most of which can be avoided.

Employers have a responsibility to prevent accidents in the workplace by ensuring that all measures are taken to protect people from harm (including visitors and customers) and that they should inform the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) or the local authority in the case of specific accidents which have occurred preventing workers from returning to work for seven days or more.
. This is Noah's entry.We may have had an added advantage of Jon being Nebosh trained. Jon is the book of knowle…

National Stationery Week 2016 || Stationery Review

This week is National Stationery Week, and in joyous celebration I shall be reviewing some lovely bits from Maped Helix. A little bit about Maped Helix;
Helix was founded in 1887, with as initial activity, the production of Wooden Ruler
In 1912 the first Maths set was produced,
in 1935 the Oxford brand was launched,
In 2012 Helix becomes part of the Maped Group and the company name changes to Helix Trading Ltd

The Power of the Written Word
According to YouGov research commissioned by National Stationery Week, 92% of adults think that writing by hand is important and 97% think it is important for children to be taught to write. National Stationery Week celebrates the written word and all things stationery – the products which make it all possible, and give pleasure to so many people.

I was very kindly sent the Color'Peps jungle innovation felt tip pens, Color'Peps metal box colouring pencils and, Color'Peps  gel crayons.

Both myself and the boys loved our goodies, I enjoyed using…

#MySundayPhoto || A Burst of Colour

A Splash of colour to brighten up your Sunday.

Jon bought me these tulips last Saturday and they are still going strong,
I've chopped a few of the heads off so I could put them in with our butterflies.

Camp Bestival || Fine Dining and Breakfast Treats


This sounds amazing and I'll be getting out tickets for the Little Gloster's breakfast club.

Continuing our food adventures in a field, we are delighted to announce a series of breakfast and supper clubs in the Feast Collective and Hotpoint Festival Kitchen. Featuring lip-smacking delights from some of our favourite gastronauts, we guarantee our exclusive dining experiences are going to be very popular indeed, so don’t miss out! Camp Bestival’s queen of cuisine Gemma Thorogood says: “We know that food is important to our festie family, but what’s better than making it playful as well!  That’s definitely the theme for this year with the extraordinary Cuisine+Colour making food fun and the table cloth your canvas, serving up a feast for the family directly into your hand.  Plus, our Feast Collective …

Pork Farm Board Games Championships

Leading pork pie manufacturers, Pork Farms are one step closer to finding their Board Games Champion with the announcement of their semi-finalists this week ahead of the grand final to be held during National Board Games Week at the end of April.

I'm pretty excited that I've been invited along to take part in the semi finals over in Orpington this coming Friday.
I don't think there's anything more entertaining than a good board game.
After a week of preliminary heats, which saw over 40 UK micro pubs participate, Pork Farms, who joined forces with the Micro pub Association have announced their top-scoring winners who will be going on to the next round. And we can now reveal the winning micro pubs heading for the semi-finals are: Anchored In Worthing, Worthing One Inn The Wood, Orpington Penny Farthing, Crayford The Last Post Derbyshire, Derby
Bake & Ale House, Kent
Early Doors, Daventry
Micro pub landlords up and down the country have awarded their competitor…

Subscription Box Review || Pink Parcel

It's a monthly thing.
If this doesn't make your monthly period a happy one, I'm not sure what will!!

Pink Parcel is a monthly subscription box based around your period. You pick your preferred "lady" products and then select when your period is due. You'll then receive something nice to cheer you up when that dreaded time comes.
Nothing cheers me up more than receiving something nice in the post.
What comes in the big box? Lots of little boxes containing different things.
A little drawstring bag that you can keep discretely in you bag  which contains 3 panty liners and 4 pads, a box for bedtime which contains 5 night-time pads, a box for later which contains 14 more pads. a box containing some intimate cleaning soap "for down there" and the best one of all..... a box for you! This happy box contains, a special tea bag, some yummy treats and some make up products.
So you have all your period needs covered and something lovely to stop you attacking e…

School places

When we moved here last year, we noticed that there was a school being built right across the road and said how it would be perfect for when the twins start school.
We were told it was going to be only open to the lower years for a while, but because there are so many children without school places on the island they had to open it up as a full school straight away.
After a few months of Noah being in Y3 we decided we no longer liked the school he was in and wanted him to go to this school, after finding out it had a waiting list, I decided there was no harm in putting his name down.
A few months later and Noah gets an amazing new teacher and has made some best friends, his learning has improved we no longer want him to change schools. We are moving up to Suffolk / Norfolk next summer so again he'll be faced with yet another upheaval and be forced into a new school and to start from scratch. So it just wouldn't be fair to move him now.
By the time we decided we'd no longe…

#WickedWednesday || One Slide, Four Boys

Where's the fun in a slide if you don't all pile down it at once?!? 
Even when the tears and the screams came, they kept at it.
Even plowing into Rupert's smelly poo bum didn't stop them. (It's Sod's law one of them always needs / wants a poo as soon as they get to the park right?!?)!

Giveaway || Win 1 of 3 VISA £100 Gift Cards With DC Super Hero Girls

If you thought Super Hero's were a boy thing, then you were wrong!!

DC Entertainment’s latest animated series features a dynamic group of Super Hero's on their journey of discovering the power of their unique abilities and friendships. 

My youngest niece is superhero crazy, so this will be right up her street. She always says when she grows up she wants to be a boy batman, maybe seeing these cool new DC girl heroes, she'll start to think girls are just as good as boys and anyone can be a superhero if they want!

There is a character for everyone and every personality,
Wonder Woman - The Leader,
SuperGirl - The Kind One,
BatGirl - The Technowizard,
Harley Quinn - The Class Clown,
Bumblebee - The Social Butterfly,  Poison Ivy - The Garden Variety Misfit,
Katana - The Artist with an Edge,

I think my favourite is Poison Ivy, I'm a bit of a misfit, but that's ok!!

Why not subscribe to the DC Super Hero Girls YouTube Channel!

** This was a sponsored post

Baked Camembert In Hedgehog Bread

My mumand dad came round on Saturday, and my mum had just seen an exciting food video over on Facebook that she really wanted to try.
Seeing as the below picture got a lot of likes on my Instagram, I thought id share the recipe with you, in case you hadn't seen it!

I'm not normally a big cheese fan and don't tend to stray from the normal mild cheddar but this was amazing, even the boys loved it, the two loaves and some antipasti meats made an awesome lunch!


What You’ll Need: 1 whole camembert, packaging removed 1 large loaf of bread 3 fat cloves garlic, finely chopped 2 tbsps rosemary, finely chopped 8 tbsps olive oil Sea salt flakes How You Make It:Using the bottom of your camembert box as a stencil, cut a hole in the middle of the loaf. Tear away.Carefully cut your loaf so you have individual segments. .Turn the cheese on its side and cut the top off, trying not to take away too much ‘flesh’.Pop the cheese face up in the hole.Mix the rosemary and g…

Food Review || Salted Caramel Honeycomb Bar

The Mighty Fine Honeycomb story;

'We started off selling adventurously-flavoured, handmade chocolates from a small shop in Camden Market, London. It was a resounding success, but above all our honeycomb sold quicker than we could make it. So we stopped. Dedicated over 1000 hours to perfecting the recipe and then re-launched the finest honeycomb this side of anywhere.'

I was very kindly sent the Salted Caramel bar, It was probably one of the best chocolate bars I've had in a long time!
It was big and chunky, you get your moneys worth with this bar.
The honeycomb is to die for!
The chocolate is silky smooth, and it doesn't leave a funny aftertaste in your throat.
I liked the box that it came it, it made it feel more special and posh.

I had to keep it hidden from the boys as I wasn't going to be sharing this loveliness with them, this was defiantly a mummy treat.
If you spot one of the Mighty Fine bags/bars whilst out and about, make sure you pick one up!

Our deliciou…

Food Review || Sown & Grown Granola

THREE GRAIN GRANOLA 100% British oat, barley and spelt grains lovingly sown & grown, combined with a smattering of almonds, linseeds & pumpkin seeds

I've always been rubbish at eating breakfast and usually opt for a big cup of coffee instead. Then I always find myself heading to the snack cupboard and sniffing out the chocolate for a quick pick me up until I have my next coffee. In a mission to actually sort out my ridiculous unhealthy eating habits I decided I would start the day with a proper breakfast, along side my coffee.
This three grain granola has been great, I've really enjoyed getting up and pouring myself a bowl. Its really tasty and it keeps me going up until lunch time, my usual 9am, 10am, 11am snacking has been thrown to the curb.
I really love the packaging, and having it in a tube means it doesn't take up a lot of space in the cupboard, or on the shelf, wherever you store it. Mine was actually placed on top of my microwave. The only thing I wasn'…

#MySundayPhoto || Beach Love

One of the best things about living where we live, is having the beach right on our doorstep. Now the weather has improved we shall be spending most of our time sitting on these pebbles watching the sea.
The boys love having pebble throwing competitions, hunting up and down for sea glass and trying to build sandcastle when we come across a rare bit of sand!
The Isle of Sheppey may not have much going for it, but The Leas sure makes up for what the island lacks! I will miss the beach once we move.

Happy Sunday x

Tummy Bugs, Coffee and a New Car

Easter holidays have been and gone and oh how they dragged. The first week we didn't really do anything as we had a lot of stuff to do with the business but I had lots of fun things planned for the second week.
Well that was up until the tummy bugs hit! Alex, Oscar, Ru and Jon all suffered!  I managed to get the twins and Noah to the cinema on the Wednesday but that was it. I had planned to visit Kent Life, Leeds Castle and a family swimming trip but no!
So now I'll spread those visits over a couple of weekends as I was really looking forward to getting some day trips done.
The twins and Noah all went back off to school/nursery on Monday and to be honest I pretty much did a happy dance as soon as I waved them off. I know that sounds pretty mean, but we were all suffering from cabin fever and it was great to get them out the house.
Also not having them around meant I could give the house a good tidy top to bottom whilst Ru ran around behind me pretending to join in.
We sold ou…

Book Review || Tidy

"Deep in the forest lived a badger called Pete Who tidied and cleaned and kept everything neat."

Written by Emily Gravett; Emily is twice winner of the prestigious Kate Greenaway Medal and the Nestlé Children's Book Prize Bronze Award for Wolves and Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears. An author/illustrator of unique talent and tremendous skill, she has a host of critically acclaimed books to her name, including Blue Chameleon, Wolf Won't Bite! and Again! Emily lives in Brighton with her partner and their daughter

A story about a badger who has OCD, what's not to love?!?! Poor Pete loved everything to be tidy and neat, but when the leaves start to fall his OCD kicks in and he clears up, even chopping down the trees and covering the whole forest in concrete.
After searching for food to eat and his underground house, he slowly realises he's made a big mistake.

This book is filled with beautiful illustrations and such fun to read, the boys all loved it.
They got …