Monday 18 April 2016

Food Review || Sown & Grown Granola

100% British oat, barley and spelt grains lovingly sown & grown, combined with a smattering of almonds, linseeds & pumpkin seeds

I've always been rubbish at eating breakfast and usually opt for a big cup of coffee instead.
Then I always find myself heading to the snack cupboard and sniffing out the chocolate for a quick pick me up until I have my next coffee.
In a mission to actually sort out my ridiculous unhealthy eating habits I decided I would start the day with a proper breakfast, along side my coffee.

This three grain granola has been great, I've really enjoyed getting up and pouring myself a bowl.
Its really tasty and it keeps me going up until lunch time, my usual 9am, 10am, 11am snacking has been thrown to the curb.

I really love the packaging, and having it in a tube means it doesn't take up a lot of space in the cupboard, or on the shelf, wherever you store it. Mine was actually placed on top of my microwave.
The only thing I wasn't so keen on was that there just wasn't enough in the tube!
I've already run out! :(

The Spirit of the Grain!
Great Little Grains and the Sown & Grown brand is born out of a desire to think differently. The world is clearly tilting on a different axis and this presents an opportunity to challenge conformity, normality and to say 'why not'?

There's 6 different flavours to pick from
Apple & Raspberry Multigrain Muesli,
Four Grain Muesli, 
Mixed Berry & Nut Multigrain Muesli,

Three Grain Granola,
Apple & Blackcurrent Multigrain Granola,
Nuts & Seeds Multigrain Granola.

You can find these down the cereal aisle in Sainsbury's

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