Tuesday 19 April 2016

Food Review || Salted Caramel Honeycomb Bar

The Mighty Fine Honeycomb story;

'We started off selling adventurously-flavoured, handmade chocolates from a small shop in Camden Market, London. It was a resounding success, but above all our honeycomb sold quicker than we could make it. So we stopped. Dedicated over 1000 hours to perfecting the recipe and then re-launched the finest honeycomb this side of anywhere.'

I was very kindly sent the Salted Caramel bar, It was probably one of the best chocolate bars I've had in a long time!
It was big and chunky, you get your moneys worth with this bar.
The honeycomb is to die for!
The chocolate is silky smooth, and it doesn't leave a funny aftertaste in your throat.
I liked the box that it came it, it made it feel more special and posh.

I had to keep it hidden from the boys as I wasn't going to be sharing this loveliness with them, this was defiantly a mummy treat.
If you spot one of the Mighty Fine bags/bars whilst out and about, make sure you pick one up!

Our delicious, salted honeycomb fully enrobed in creamy caramel chocolate. 5
0g of pure Mighty Fine luxury to enjoy on-the-go. 
We make a donation to the Friends of the Honey Bee campaign with every pack sold.
Gluten Free | Handmade | All Natural Ingredients | Delicious Belgian Chocolate



Finest, Handcrafted Honeycomb

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