Wednesday 6 April 2016

Mini Clothes Haul || Noah

Noah is the scruff bag of the family, no matter how many times I throw out his shabby looking clothes, he'll find some other old thing and attach himself to that.

So I told Jon Noah was on the hit list for new clothes.

Whilst I was out spending the day in a nursery Jon went off to Sainsburys and picked out a few bits to smarten Noah up with.

Sainsburys always have a nice big range of boy clothes, which sometimes can be hard to find in other shops. 

First is this polo shirt - 

Noah has a thing for New York,  He also wants to start skateboarding so this is right up his street.

A superhero top is just mandatory when shopping for boys!

Shorts for when it gets hotter,

Some lovely chinos just because 

Now my mission is to remove all the old bits that I hate with out him noticing until it's too late!! 

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