Monday 4 April 2016

Places to visit in Kent || Elmley Nature Reserve

On Saturday cabin fever really started to set in so after a massive sulk from myself I grabbed my camera, something I don't use as much as I should and the boys and headed off to Elmley Nature Reserve for some fresh air.

 Elmley Nature Reserve is only about a 5 minute drive from the house, I hadn't know about it until our neighbour told us we should take a visit.
It will be a place we visit again as it was just so beautiful.
Next time we hope to get a little bit further along the path, as we only lasted about an hour before all the boys decided their legs were no longer working, Noah couldn't bare to be apart from him PS4 for much longer and well Ru he just decided it was time to just sit down.

'Elmley National Nature Reserve is a special landscape where remote and peaceful meadows and waterways are dominated by huge, ever-changing skies.  The marshes are renowned as one of the best places for conservation of wildlife in the UK.'

It really was stunning, a great place for the boys to explore and a fantastic place for me to practise my photography skills.
I've had my camera for over a year now and I haven't given it much love.
I'm so attached to my phone so I usually just use that.

After visiting Elmley I really got a feel for the camera and I love how the photos have turned out, ill be trying to make more of an effort to use the camera from now on, specially when taking pictures for the blog.

Rupert loves being outside, being able to explore the world on his own, he even made a few friends with some mini beasts.
A ladybird being his favourite, he was quite happy to let it walk along his hand, the moment we put it onto Oscar he screamed blue murder!!

Ru is a definite animal lover.
Every time he saw a bird fly over or on the water he would point and sign bird and then any beastie he saw he would bend down and point to it.

Before the moans and "evil eyes" (Noah) set in, the boys were actually having great fun running along trying to spot different birds and bugs.
I was hoping to see some Seals but I don't think we got far enough down the track to see them.

It so lovely to be some where so peaceful and calm and just be able to breathe.

Not being able to go out in the garden at the moment (due to it being a bit over run with dump loads piling up - a job for this week.) is hard on the boys as they are outdoorsy and hate being cooped up indoors for too long.

Having Elmley will come in handy for those moments.
I'll probably take Ru on mini adventures once the twins are back at nursery and Noah is back at school.
He will love it and its much more exciting than our usual park visits and with the weather improving it will be just perfect.

Do you have a special place you like to go when cabin fever sets in?

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